DOPPPPEEE song Chris Webby

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  1. off his new mixtape The White Noise LP

    [ame=]YouTube - Chris Webby - La La La[/ame]

  2. DUDE I just got put on this song yesterday. Sick beat but IMO Webby is an Asher Roth variant
  3. Hahahahahahahaha.

    Chris Webby? Really? Do you know him? He raps w/ my roommate sometimes.
  4. naw i don't know him, i heard about his tape coming out recently and it dropped a few days ago but i've been so busy with school just got around to listening to it today.

    +rep if you know him though.....pretty sick rhymes though too bad his voice is worse than wayne's lol
  5. That's funny. He goes to my school. i'll have to give his mix tape a listen soon. i haven't heard it yet either. usually all i see are his freestyles.
  6. anybody have a download link for the song?

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