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  1. For anyone interested in playing dopewars, the game just resetted and i believe we need to re-start our cartels, so if anyone from last time wants to come back and do an un-official GC cartel, post in here and we'll start another one up. i, for one, am down....anyone else wanna get in again? post here. i'll put up info on a cartel as soon as we get a new one created

    here's the link:

    make sure you sign up for game A9. It's very important. If we want to do other games we can always expand
  2. Cartel #9 and the password is GC

    we'll be returning as the Devil's Warriors, hopefully some of the old people will show up and we'll be able to use the same graphics...
  3. I was doing pretty good last game (in the top 200) But I was kinda late in a small cartel (I was like half it;s worth :) ) So I'm in for sure.

    Hey, DelaWHERE? is inthe cartel but she didn't post here? Did she think she could sneak up on us???
  4. so hard starting all over haha, i fucked up and spent all my money right away but i'm still 2nd best in the cartel:p
  5. Behind who, sucka?

    I like starting over because I started late last game and had a bit of a learning curve. Now I know my strategy from the beginning.
  6. haha you been playin, no fair!:cry:
  7. Here I'll catch you up. Money is in the junkies and spending points wisely. The biggest thing that ups your value is weapons, either made or purchased. ;)
  8. what world are you guys in?
  9. A9, cartel 9.
  10. Haha, yup i'm in. I still really haven't figured this shit out yet. Any more pointers?
  11. whos DSMdaddy?

    they are fucking killing everyone right now lol

    1\t\tDSMDaddy (#63)\t$1,870,913\tDevil's Warriors
    2\t\tpinkis kob (#45)\t$414,028\tdeep pockets

    lol beating #2 by 1,400,000

    edit: my names Ass-Cid
  12. :cool:
  13. damn the hell did you pull that off so fast??
  14. It's all about the Benjamins...
  15. I signed back up.

    Cartel #9, Im KSR.

    Edit: Already #4 in the cartel.
  16. Just signed up, GR we worked so hard ha.

    Breadman is da name, Slingin shit is da game.
  17. Im in as BigBadBuffalo
  18. *bump*

    sorry to bump this, but our cartel fell to # 8 since we're lacking members and we could use some more people
  19. Yeah, please join!!! It's quite fun without requiring too much time!
  20. *bump*

    Who all is still playin? I need you folks to beat someone down...the player id is posted in the cartel discussion!

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