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Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Hey

    This is like the old trading game from PC called Dope Wars, except this one is online, open-ended and you can join groups (cartels), jump other players for drugs, money, guns, etc.

    You can hire junkies, spies, thugs, buy drug labs, learn botany, work at mcdoanlds, haha everything!

    The best part is it is a turned based game. You can sign up (for free), play for 10 minutes, leave for 2 weeks, sign in and pick up where yo uleft off.

    It takes a little getting used to, but i like it alot.

    My player is Green_Wizard (#542) and i just created a Cartel (#77)

    If anybody is a player, or just starting, give me a PM and maybe we can start a non-offical GC cartel.
  2. Yo. Im Down, ill sign up now :D
    Green_Machine - I Know, i couldnt think of a name haha
    whats the password for your cartel?
  3. When you are in the process of signing up, there are two dozen or so different games, each with a bunch of different cartel and different players.

    It's on the sign-up sheet right left to the 'Sign up' button.

    I am currently playing in game A9, and in order to play another, you have to create a new playing and sign up a second time.
  4. Yeah, if anyone's interested in playing, Sign up for the a9 game, and go to cartel and the cartel is #77 and the pass is 1050, Rasta and I are in it..Devils_Warriors haha..

    Was going for a hell's angels type thing haha..HELP US GROW!
  5. Yeah ill play every once in awhile. I'll join up.

    Player: motion (#358)

    Can't seem to join #77 b/c of wrong password.
  6. Search Results:
    Player Name: De Serious (#358)
    Worth: $16,974
    Rank: 420
    Cartel: (#0)

    haha you're on yet another game than us. We're A9.
  7. i joined my name is BigSmoker looks pretty cool:hello::wave::smoking:
  8. Lets get this Cartel huge, we'll own!
  9. Just signed up and joined.

  10. haha! :bongin:
  11. jumping people for their money is fun. :devious: :laughing:
  12. muthafuckas say hello to meatwad42O with an o(i was high and fucked up the first
  13. Green Fiend (#575)

    Dealin' in blow... which makes the name I chose kind of pointless.
  14. i made a quick logo....


    now im off to smoke a bowl! :bongin:
  15. SICK!, ill resize it to 125x125 GOOD WORK!
  16. i hated pimpwars and pass 1050 should let you in if your a9..whats your #?
  17. i love the logo awsome job wykid:hello::smoking:
  18. i'm in. im nug thug 420, couldn't think of anything TOO creative, ya know?
  19. lol i wasted all my tokens on jumpin fools

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