Dopest looking bong ever

Discussion in 'General' started by IndianaToker, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. High and surfing the net, check out this link to see the dopest bong ever!!

    supermod note:

    For a picture, please scroll down to budburner's first post in this thread.


  2. Good lord. That bong is incredibly detailed. It changes colors too? Amazing.
  3. It's reaaly nice piece of work there but I don't know about dopest I have seen some nice shit, I wish I had some pics so I could show you guys
  4. Nice piece! Beautiful!

    I've included a picture of the mentioned bong.

    No offence intended, but there's no free advertising allowed here.

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  5. four hundred bucks....i dunno its just me but although that is sweet but i would much rather throw down on a QP or something and just smoke out of a homemade or a ten dollar flea market pipe.

    but thats just me. :)
  6. nice looking bong. very pretty.

  7. Hah! No doubt!

    Plus it would really be a bummer if you were to ......... drop it!

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