dopesick.... again

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 13, 2006.

  1. man, these prescription drugs are fuckin way to crazy to be shootin up, first i shotup 40mgs of oxycontin n was sick as hell the next day, and today i wokeup after doin hydromorphone last night n i'm sick as hell again, bein dopesick sucks, especially when ur not even a junkie
  2. i would never shoot anything up. that's where i draw the line. but yeah, that sucks dude. i'd hook you up w/ some of my kratom if i could.
  3. Man, opiates make me soo sick even when i just pop em. Thats the reason i dont do them anymore, theyre fun but not worth throwing up the rest of the day for.
  4. this shit is unreal, i been goin through withdrawl since 6 in the morning, its 830 at night and it just keeps gettin worse, it fuckin hurts!!

    jesus christ its like the crystal meth of opiates

  5. I hope you have weed.

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