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Discussion in 'General' started by thejester, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. Arg! I got a Treo 270 about 3 months ago and now I’m completely addicted to this drug game called Dope Wars where you travel and buy and sell drugs for a living. My co-worker beamed it to me a few weeks ago and I can’t stop playing the damn thing! My boss would be happy to hear this, since he’s the one who got me the Treo for work. Anyone else in here addicted to this game? We should start our own newsgroup, at least it would be interesting...

    ”Yeah, went to NY today, bought 150 ecstasy pills and a lb. of coke...then flew to Miami and sold it all, made a huge profit.”

    Today I got to buy and sell over $5000 in acid. Too bad I didn’t get to eat any.

    The Jester
  2. Man, I love Dope Wars, I play it a lot compared to other games, pretty cool game, just wish it would let you get a little more involved though.
  3. damn you people, lol, i love them kind of games but my computer is to slow to let me play them, i don't even have the room on my comp to DL them. Well... anyways... have fun with your lil games.... lucky you.
  4. thats a classic graphing calculator game called drug wars... it was a way to pass the time in math class in highschool for me and my friends....trying to reach a million dollars to pay off your loan shark...trying to get through customs...buying selling ludes,shrooms,lsd,bud,coke(cocaine is the best way to amke money when theres been a drug bust) and heroin....ahhh drug wars...i gotta find that game

  5. dude dope wars is all text based and really small.. you should get it, its fun.

    i always download that game if we had to spend an hour 'studying' various subjects on the net in highschool.. alt-tabbing is a fine art, trust me.

    man im stonily-bakered :smoking: :smoking:

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