Dope Wars GAME

Discussion in 'General' started by CircuitKid, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    Well I played this game a while back, and got out of it, and now just remembered it and found it again. This is a game where your a dealer in a city you choose, adn have to repay your loan and sell dope, and run for cops...tis fun and kinda addicting. You have to be quick.. Go here and download if you want to try it out

  2. haha I love that game and used to play it before I smoked weed, damn thats memories.
  3. Wait for coke to drop to 20,000 or below. Snag as much as you can and search around for a higher price. Listen to the drug raids the lady also tells you about. Some of the them won't happen, but a majority will.
  4. lol thats halarious i started about a year before i started toking also. I didnt really get what i was doing lol
  5. I used to play that game on my TI graphing calculator in school... fun times lol. If any of you are interested you can download it here along with many other games , but you need a TI USB cable to link from your calculator to your computer.
  6. dont really have to be "quick" about it, its a turn based game. its a great time waster though.

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