Dope Head Succesfully Sues Dope Dealer

Discussion in 'General' started by Johnny Blazed, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Ex-crystal meth addict successfully sues dealer

    Sandra Bergen

    A Saskatchewan, Canada woman who overdosed on crystal methamphetamine has successfully won a precedent-setting civil lawsuit against the drug dealer who sold her the highly addictive drug.

    Sandra Bergen, 23, and her family launched a lawsuit against Clinton Davey in 2005 after she suffered a heart attack in Biggar, Sask. that left her in a coma for 11 days.

    She has since developed a heart condition that leaves her constantly fatigued and limits her chances of ever having children.

    In her statement of claim, Bergen said Davey knew the drug was highly addictive and the sale of the drug was "for the purpose of making money but was also for the purpose of intentionally inflicting physical and mental suffering on Sandra."

    An unknown drug supplier, referred to as John Doe, was also named in the suit. Davey refused to name his alleged supplier during court proceedings, prompting a judge to strike his claim of defence.

    Without a claim of defence, Davey effectively admitted his liability in the case leaving Bergen's suit unopposed.

    Bergen is seeking damages in excess of $50,000 for medical costs and legal fees. A hearing to determine how much she will be awarded in damages is scheduled for a later date.

    Bergen, who now uses her story to educate others about the dangers of drug use, said she is often judged unfairly by people who "don't know the circumstances."

    In Davy's statement of defence, he claims Bergen "did assume the risk to her person when she voluntarily ingested the illegal drugs."

    Bergen maintains she has taken responsibility for her poor choices by getting sober.

    "I think that's taking responsibility for my actions, I don't think I need to take responsibility for both of our actions. He should have to meet me half way and that's what this lawsuit was about," Bergen said.

    A drug addict since the age of 18, Bergen's overdose occurred in 2004.
  2. Fuck her, too bad the OD didnt kill her. Dumb bitch. Like it's a fucking dealer's responsibility to tell her "Crystal Meth is bad for you." You made your bed, now sleep in it, you dumb cunt.
  3. Woahhhh, easy there killer. But in slightly nicer words, I have to agree whole heartedly.

    Stay away from meth, youngins.
  4. What a loser. make the decision to do crystal meth, you accept the consequences.
  5. Maybe I'm overzealous. But if you ask me, this bitch is no better than the guy who tried to sue McDonald's cause he was a fatass, or the lady who tried to sue some place for making their coffee too hot after she burned herself.

    Time to pour some bleach in the gene pool, if you ask me.
  6. Thats fuckin retarded...thats like me beating somebody with a bat and them suing the bat But I guess there is no 3rd party involved here.

  7. By the way everybody, this is a perfect example of how there's stupid people everywhere, not just the US, I'm sick of hearing all this attention whore'ish bullshit I see on here all the time like "blah I hate the US because everybodys fat and stupid, I'm such a rebellious bad ass because I go against the norm!"

    Americans aren't crazy, PEOPLE are crazy.

    USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! :D Plus we invented velcro sneakers. :cool:

    EDIT: oh shit btw I didn't mean what I quoted was a perfect example, I forgot to say the gene pool quote was pretty dead on haha.
  8. WTF? I know meths bad but you dont rat your dealer out, bad shit can happen.
  9. sign of the apocalypse
  10. I was thinking the same thing, then all the sudden I was reading it... crazy.
  11. Perfectly said.
  12. that sucks for that dude. i really dont think that bitch should win, but sadly she prolly will.
  13. she really is no better than that mcdoonalds guy or that stupid bitch that burned her hand on coffee...that was dunkin donuts i think btw

    yes, she'll win, probably not as much as they are asking, but shes he's not opposing it, she'll win

    he shouldnt HAVE to tell her "btw, you know this stuff can hurt you rite?" but from now on he's going to have to put warning labels on his product like everyone else! lol
  14. I BEG to differ.
    Only americans sue Marlboro, McDonalds, and Starbucks.. people overseas laugh at those stories.
    There are no such stupid precedents and lawyers don't even bother with stupid shit like that there.. So yeah, it is Americans
  15. this bitch is about to get some hate mail from me. it pisses me off when people sue for shit that is their fault. that shouldnt be legal at all. i personally think you shouldnt be able to sue people anymore just because of the dumb ass shit people are getting sued for these days. its completely ridiculous just greedy people that want to make a buck any way possible including suing for some dumb ass shit
  16. DClove66, this occured in Canada!

    i was born in Saskatchewan!
  17. Too bad she didn't die from the overdose, now her dealer is gunna kill her.
  18. dont mess with meth seth
  19. That was the point of my post buddy.
  20. SHE should be paying the medical costs, because SHE bought it and SHE took it, and SHE probably liked it.
    I could only see this making sense if he forced her to take it, but that is not that case. She shouldn't have been doing meth in the first place. Now she wants to point the finger at someone else instead of taking fucking responsibility for her own fuck up. Fuck her.
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