Dope ass new dealer!

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  1. Today I was with my boys trying to cop on a qp all together. I hit up my one boy, who told me he knew a chick with a pound of some shake that we could get plugged fat on. We figured since we would only be getting like a ounce each it would be chill. So I hit him back up and he three way called her and told her whatsup. She met me outside my boys house, and swooped me up in her legit ass Jeep. But when I got in the car I noticed the only legit thing was HER ass, she was at least 5ft 11 with blonde hair and some nice parts. She said it was like a 5 minute ride to her house, then she would switch cars because her friends had a cutty spot in it. Then she asked me to open her glove compartment and grab a swisher box. So I took one of the 4 boxes, and inside were 5 BLUNTS! Filled with shake, but I didn't mind. She said grab one for each of us. I told her we could share one, that made her smile and she said ok. We ended up sharing both of them on the ride.

    When we pulled up she said to come inside and help her grab it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her push up her revealing top in her bra while we were walking to the door. And for just a second I thought we were gunna fucking fuck. But we just went inside and grabbed the qp, she weighed out the 4 ounces and then threw like another two ounces on. I told her that she was a boss, she smiled and put her hand on my leg. So I knew what was up. I gave her a smile, and seeing as how we were already on the bed I went in for a kiss, and when I saw her coming in too I pulled her onto me in one swoop. And we got that shit on. She got gritty and then we got shitty, she let me dome a blunt while she went down, and did the same when I returned the favor. Then we just fucked.

    My boys called me like 15 times while we were going at it, they seemed hella worried, only if they knew :p. Afterwards I remember she still needed the money, so I waited for her to get her top on, and pushed it in between her tits.

    Afterwards we shared one more blunt, then dipped back the my friends house. She told me all about how she got this shit hella cheap from her uncle, who basically jacks the shake, and sometimes regular green, all the time. I said she was my new hook-up on kill shake, which in retrospect sounds kinda wierd, but who gives a fuck right?

    I told my friends the story, as an explanation for my fucked up hair, and they didn't believe me, and I doubt you guys will either.
  2. I believe u. I wish i had a sexy dealer
  3. Shake just makes you tired, doesn't really get you baked. Oh well, you can still make killer hash/edibles. :hello:
  4. That is fucking awesomeeeee. How fuckin sick. You are a lucky ass fella. LoL.

    I believe you, bro. =]
  5. Yes. The best feeling in the world smoking a blunt and getting serviced. No doubt.
  6. your livin the dream bro :wave:
  7. a random drug deal for a QP turns into hot sex with blunt smoking while copping head? you my good fellow, are my new hero.
  8. wow, very very nice! you lucky son of a bitch
  9. Dayum. Fucking lucky can't believe she threw in two more ounces. I wish i had a dealer like that
  10. This story is not believable but if it is then that's really awesome. I wish I had your dealer.
  11. OMG! She gave you 2 extra ounces, sex, blunts, and head for how much? I want that dealer o_O
  12. GanJamaica, you are my new hero! :hello:
  13. That is the greatest Fing story I've heard.

    I don't mind shake, you get a bunch for less and it gets me toasted, great for joints and blunts.
  14. Btw, your story is so awesome I read it twice. :cool:
  15. Wow that was amazing story to read stoned

    Why can't all dealers be like that? Lol....if that shit happened to me id be telling everyone !
  16. Wow I hope one day something even close to that happens to me.

    That was epic man, good job
  17. Well even if you don't like shake, it was probably cheaper than a good hooker.....

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