Dope and depression linked

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  1. Source: The Australian

    STUDIES of chronic cannabis users were reinforcing the belief that daily marijuana smoking could cause depression and possibly suicide in young adults, mental health group beyondblue said.

    Beyondblue spoke out today after Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital released an outline of a seven-year study research program on 2,000 young adults.

    The director of the hospital's Centre for Adolescent Health, Professor George Patton, said the research produced strong evidence that heavy marijuana users were more prone to depression and mental problems.

    Details of the study will be published in an international medical journal next month.

    Beyondblue chief executive, Professor Ian Hickie, said depression and anxiety were the most common mental health problems encountered by young Australians, affecting 10 per cent of children and up to 20 per cent of adolescents.

    Prof Hickie said there was growing evidence, compiled by Australian and international research groups, that linked marijuana use and depression.

    Cannabis smokers who were depressed had impoverished social lives, fared badly with their education and had trouble with work, beyondblue said in a statement today.

    Gus Lee, 39, was now building a home renovation business, a venture he said was impossible during 21 years as a heavy marijuana smoker.

    "I'd get stoned and have a good idea of doing something and a few hours later I'd still be on the couch," he told ABC television.

    "I wore out a couch and a remote control unit from lying there daydreaming about all the things I was going to do.

    "I certainly had suicidal thoughts a lot of the time and acted on it a couple of times."

    Mr Lee said after a serious suicide attempt five years ago which landed him in a psychiatric ward he stopped smoking cannabis and began developing his home renovation business.

    Dr Jane Burns, manager of beyondblue's youth agenda, said research was confirming theories that regular marijuana use, like regular alcohol consumption, heightened sensitivity to depression and anxiety and placed young people at greater risk of suicide and suicidal behaviour.

    Prof Patton said the Royal Children's Hospital study was the best evidence yet that cannabis was a health risk which led to mental illness and depression.

    It has not so far been proven that cannabis use causes depression.

    Rather, it is thought that depressed people might have turned to it for relief or that some personality types could be prone to both cannabis dependence and depression.

    He said occasional or experimental use probably had no effect on mental health at all.
  2. Now that's just depressing!!!!
  3. I don't think smoking pot has ever actually made me sad or depressed... But I have come to know that... If I am sad or depressed, getting high usually just intensifies the sadness or depression... And definitely makes me think more about whatever it is that has made me sad or depressed... So yeah I can see where there might be some link between it... Or, it could just be me...
  4. The best way to get over stress and depression is to take a break from your regular schedule, go out, and take good sleep. This helps in clearing the mind and try consulting a specialist who can suggest you as how you can get over your problem. There are various prescription drugs to get over anxiety and depression, but these should only be used in accordance with the instruction of a physician. There is a lot of fake selling of such medicines on internet, so before you can order it online just make sure it is a real pharmacy.
  5. Anyone who gets depressed from smoking was gonna get depressed anyway.

    I find that when I get down about something, a bowl can be very therapeutic. It's not that I smoke my problems away, I smoke and look at whatever I was upset about from a fresh perspective. It can help the same way my dad will have a few beers after a hard day a work.

    Plus I'm sure if these depressed people had as much pot as they wanted, they'd never get depressed. It's when they are out that the depression can kick in. When was the last time you heard about someone getting too high and offing themselves?
  6. i think most people just get depressed because they are having a hard time and get high to feel better. then when theyre high they just sit on the couch and feel bad for themselves. i think changing theyre state of mind by thinking proactive and moving while high would fix that situation...i really dont think herb has anything to do with it...more the person.
  7. maybe the community of jackass's who conducted this research forgot to take into consideration that people who are depressed and then smoke, are not depressed from the weed. god damn
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    This is a tough call. I personally suffer from bouts of great depression but I honestly never would have thought to blame it on marijuana.

    I really can't tell you how nice it has been to be going through some awful stuff and to be able to just step back, get high, and laugh for a couple of hours before returning to whatever nonsense is up in your life.

    If anything, I'd say marijuana and a few good friends are the two things that kept me sane.
    They make all kinds of pills for depression but the sideffects range from everything from an upset
    stomach to fucking suicidal thoughts. How awful would it be to get on some anti depressants and kill yourself. I mean really.

    Further proof Mary Jane can treat all kinds of ailments.
  9. THAT seems realistic. Everything else is bullshit.
  10. Just because a number of people fit into this catergory does not mean you wrap the basis upon the relationship between depression and marjuana use. Besides the study is based in Australia and other international reports. Can I at least get sources from this study?

    I love how the study greatly quotes one subject that did in fact have many suicidal thoughts and attempts in his earlier lifetime and happened to be a chronic cannabis user. This user was obviously showing signs of depressions prior to cannabis use or the two had no real correlation, the study just portrays that any scientific study today has the greater capabilities of persuading its directed readers.
  11. Theres your answer. Obviously, depressed people TURN to marijuana to improve the quality of life. Correlation != Causation.
  12. This guy went from chilling on the couch to suddenly wanting (and trying) to kill himself?

    I don't think that the problem is with his cannabis usage, I think it's with himself.
  13. It never ends
  14. marijuana doesn't cause depression, but for some people it makes it worse if you're already depressed.
  15. It's somewhat true. Weed and depression are linked because of the influence on serotonin levels which are affected by anandamide. To sum it UP, after pro-long use of smoking weed it may affect SOME people's neurochemistry activity. SSRI's can help, but staying away from it a little while will also help. It really just depends on your history of drug/supplement use ETC. Most of the time if you are depressed and/or are starting to get depressed weed will heighten that mood and you just kind of go from there.
    THC and depression are linked for a good reason because of the chemicals affecting the brain. It is really hard to discredit articles like these
  16. hahaha. exactly. more propaganda. someday we'll overcome.

    Isn't a side effect of Anti-depressants increased suicidal thoughts?????????
  17. if taking meds give you suicidal thoughts then, there is no point in taking them. Fix up your life, get friends to help you, smoke some shit, get involved in things you like. I can't speak for anyone with depression but don't take meds that will increase suicidal thoughts. That ruins the point of lowering your depression.
  18. We all know what marijuana does to us and don't need some fucking *scientists* to tell us it is the cause of our depression. That's just plain bullshit, it does nothing of that sort. Perhaps, as in my case (on aderall also), you may become just a bit too aware of how brainwashed everyone around you is and how Society is completely fucked up to keep your sanity. That doesn't mean you should blame marijuana though, I'm thankful it's opened my eyes for me. People need to learn to think on their own instead of listening to all these bullshit studies, it's as if every person with any type of college degree is a professional scientist.... Learn to control your weed use, know when you should and shouldn't smoke up. Smoking while depressed actually helps me to just put my problems aside for couple of hours so I can just relax and laugh at how ridiculous they are, but for most people it just makes their depression worse.

    Wtf I really didn't notice I wrote so much...sorry, i've been having a bad day as you can probably tell lol
  19. marijuana doesnt cause depression or any other mental illness.It may contribute to any other mental illness you may already have but not cause any new illness.just another bullshit story on how EVERYBODY that smokes pot sits on a couch all day

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