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    Sup blades. Today I woke up early, saw the sun, put my plants outside, and went back to bed...

    Then i hear knocking.. I wonder if it was just the workers across the street, fixing my neighbor's roof. I hear the knocks again, sounds like people at my door.

    I look at the foot of my bed to see my cat's reaction:cool:, she is now sitting upright from sleeping, looking at the door. Indeed, people at the door :p

    Anyways, it was a couple of old black Jehovah's Witnesses. They're pretty nice, i hear em out. They were just passing out fliers for a free convention they're holding somewhere, and they were on their way... and it got me thinking.

    What's to stop me from walking door to door talking about cannabis prohibition? I am so lucky to have been born in this state, I have known it all my life. Now we're pushing to end prohibition, and it's GOING to be on the ballot in November. How dumb would we feel if it doesn't even pass? I would feel retarded, considering I haven't done ANYthing pro-activism wise other than talking to all my peers, but I haven't reached out to people I dont know, the people who probably have no idea its even on the ballot!

    The measure obviously means a lot to us who use recreationally, but we're the ones that dont get busted very often. It goes beyond us. There are thousands of families that are torn apart every year when one or both of their parents get convicted of cannabis-related crimes, and their kids basically get repossessed by CPS... and we rarely hear their stories, because they're often poor or in jail, so they dont really have time to get active in the fight.

    But I have all the time in the world! So what I'm gonna do, is prepare a little prohibition pep-talk (talk about how retarded it is), probably make some fliers to give to those who don't have a moment to spare discussing it (probably a lot of people, who likes talking to soliciting passers-by :p even tho i wont be soliciting anything except rational thought). I'll post my shit here when i get it together so yall can take it, print it and become familiar with the issues (if you arent already).

    I HIGHLY encourage EVERYONE who has any spare time to try this out, especially if you are in a state with some type of Cannabis Reform (Medical Marijuana, pussy-ass "decriminalization," especially Washingtonians, who still need a LOT of signatures to get their shit on the ballot too).

    Anyways this basically stems from me knowing I could do so much more than what I have done in the past. We have a real shot here in california to pass HUGE cannabis reform, and i hate to see such an opportunity wasted.

    TL;DR : Im gonna prepare some shit for a door-to-door cannabis prohibition campaign to raise awareness of the hypocrisy and stupidity of our laws. I'ma post my shit here, and I encourage all of you to consider going door-to-door to just discuss cannabis prohibition. Many people have never had a rational discussion with someone who was informed on the issue, and I'm hoping I can have at least a tiny bit of impact when it comes to passing the measure in November. If you're a pussy, and you fear social repercussions, or have something at "risk" like your career, then do it anonymously, or go to a different neighborhood (be safe, people)
  2. I think i'll try to get out and do this too. We need more people like you in the world
  3. Honestly man, if you decide to make some flyers and shit ill put them out around my city, just make it general information about the harmful effects of prohibition on the American people

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