Door Open or Closed on Closet Grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SouthernBoii, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. ok i got a very small closet grow happening its high in the temps around 80-85 degrees..high humidity

    so is it better to leave the door open or closed during the day so it can get ALOT of fresh air or am i just wasting risk of someone finding it everyone in the house knows..its barely out of sprouting stage...24/0 light

  2. leave it open if you can, but try to get the humidity down to about 30%. you want light and air, may want to try making an intake and exhaust to help with air flow and ventilation. im doing the same thing in a small closet and took the door off and made one out of cardboard so i could cut holes in it for intakes, and exhaust.
  3. am guessing your not using hps light?...if not the a couple of 12v pc fans will work great,as for the humidty you should and try and keep it between 50%-70% max during veg, between 40%-60& during flowering and for cloning between 60%-80%.
    the better your ventilation the better your going to be able to control your humidity and temps.
    make some intake holes at the bottom, and one at the top with a 12v pc fan sucking the hot air out,you could add a varible 12v adapter to get even better control.

    hope this helps
  4. thats what im doing, i put a cardboard door on my closet and cut out holes in the bottom, and top for exhaust and intake, i just gotta get fans that will move enough air to cool the room with my 400 watt hps/mh light. doesnt help that i live in a dry hot climate. good luck with your grow!
  5. I like to stress the shit outta my plants during veg and treat em' real nice while they are flowering... why? I'll explain

    I'll let it get 90 degrees in there during veg becasue it will induce what's called "stretching" that is when the spaces between each internode becomes more vast. What is this going to do? well think about it logically for a sec, where do you think the plant is going to have most of its flower production? right up the main cola (the big stem).

    So now when the plant is ready to flower, it has a huge main cola! The trick is to lower the temps when you flower so you don't get really fluffy buds. Lower the temp during flowering and you'll have nice dense buds.

    You'll learn to toy with this stuff, I would say leave that door closed as long as you are ventilating properly. If you have no ventilation then leave it open for sure...and don't worry about temps as much when you are vegging I mean within reason of course, you never want it up in the 100 F range, that'll put em' into shock.

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