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  1. 2012 is the end of the milenia of the TWO FISH and passing into the milenia of AQUARIOUS. NOT the end of the world, the end of jesus's rain (quoted from the bible of jesus turning TWO FISH into 50(i think?) to feed families. i fuckin hate it when people say the world is going to end. itll eventually happen, but it isnt anytime soon.
  2. Where is your reasoning for this?
  3. this:
    jesus camp - Google Videos

    probly one of the most informing videos ive ever watched in my life.

    skip the jesus camp bullshit... click zeitgeist and watch it. its the best two hours of your life youll spend watching a movie and getting informed.

  4. If it has anything to do with religion and/or the bible, im gonna watch about 2 seconds of it and then scoff.

    I stopped going to church when some of my friends starting making weird noises when they prayed.

    ((I still believe in god however))
  5. This is just some shit some retard made up through some vague passage, just as the world trade center incident was "predicted"
  6. its disproving everything about the bible, everything youve been told about it since you were a kid. also touches on the 9/11 conspiracy, and the economic conspiracy. my kind of a movie, watch it if you wanna be educated.
  7. I'll great it the same way I greeted January 1st, 2000. :cool: :bongin: :cool:
  8. This.

    The Zeitgeist = good shit.

    Why is it interpreted that the end of the Mayan calendar is suppose to mean the end of the world? Will time stop because humans have been eradicated? Will 24 hours after December 21st not still be December 22nd, only without humans? It's something a sect of society has latched onto as 'evidence' to support a money making scheme.

    I'm sure if an ancient text was found (whether it be a work of fiction or not--I don't think we could really be sure in any case) which said the Earth would be obliterated by an asteroid in 2036, some dick would engineer a cult following and start selling massive amounts of asteroid t-shirts.

    It's all bullshit.
  9. LCM, id +rep you but i already have today.. haha.
  10. im watching that zeitgeist movie, the intro was the shit because it was talkin about how we need to live in the now, which is the entire premises of the book im reading, The Power of Now
  11. People who say its possible please state your case.
  12. the fact that the mayans were able to predict recent astronomical events more accurately than we can makes me inclined to believe some shit might be goin down in 2012.

    the mayans wrote about the end of the world in 2012 and it would happen because the earth would pass through the middle of the universe. it wont be flying through the center of it, but it will pass through the point where the electromagnetic field of the universe goes from north to south. illustrated in the attachment below.
    this will cause the earth polarity to reverse. scientists don't know what the fuck is gonna happen when this goes down. it could cause massive volcanoes and huge earthquakes along with storms the likes of which humans have never witnessed. it could also do nothing, but fuck up peoples compasses.
    i am expecting something to happen though. because mayans had incredible knowledge. knowledge that they shouldn't have been able to have. the not only knew things about the universe that we have only started to learn with all of our modern equipment, but they knew when shit was gonna happen in the universe. the knew the exact day that the earth was going to cross the center of the universe and they built their calenders around that fact. it freaks me out.
    they knew impossible things so i think what they are saying is possible.
  13. thats my friends birthday, thatd be one depressing bday if its true. i hope its not true not because of the fact that the world ends but because of the fact that i wasted my whole life doing shit that i didnt wanna, instead i coulda been doing whatever i wanted n not care bout anything
  14. im sure the mayans also predicted things that didnt come true also, but no one really focuses on what they didnt predict
  15. i believe there has already been a few threads like this, and not many have survived mainly because you arent supposed to be talking about stupid shit like the end of humanity.

    i think this one falls into that spectrum of, should be deleted due to the same reasons.

    if anything, why not read 2012 by whitley streiber.

    its a science fiction novel, interesting and about aliens. and some dimensions lining up and one alien race enslaving the other.
  16. They say it ends in 2012 also cause thats when that mayan calender ends right?
    My thought, is maby the guy who was making the calender died, and couldnt make any more calenders
  17. the point is they shouldn't have been able to predict any of it.
    if we took all the equipment we have now back to their time and tried to make predictions about now. they would not be anywhere near as accurate as the mayan's predictions.
    that shouldn't be possible. they obviously knew some shit we didn't.

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