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  1. I'm prepping for a economic collapse and storing food and water and weapons. Should I get a gun or bow n arrow ?
    Gun pro-deadly, easy reload
    Con-loud and limited ammo
    Arrow & bow- Pro-silent, can make arrows out of branches and stones
    Con- low penetrative power (for body armor)
    Anyone prepping? If you don't believe in an economic collapse, you might believe that terrorists would release a biological weapon (small pox). Something's bout to go down! Anyone prepping?

    Gun or Bow?
  2. Gun all the way man, a lot easier to use, and you can make your own ammunition much more easily than making arrows that actually fly straight.
  3. I doubt it. Equipment to make ammo will not be portable. I can make a pretty good damn arrow haha.
  4. In a doomsday scenario you're still gonna need a home base. Trust me, making ammo isn't that hard, rednecks do it all the time.
  5. In a biological attack scenario, bugging out is the ONLY option for survival. But guns are too loud and suppressors and a gun license is expensive 'round here. I saw a bow & arrow that can take down a bear for $500 with 200 arrows. It's a compound bow so it has a strong pull. I'm thinking of getting like a small rifle with a suppressor if I save enough.
  6. why not both man
  7. Not everyone have a disposable income. It takes literally weeks to save a few hundreds. I cannot touch my cd account (40k)
  8. drugs..

    fortify myself up and do a bunch of drugs..
  9. Crossbow.

    High accuracy, scopes, power, gun-like configuration, reusable ammo.

    - iPod6809
  10. [quote name='"TinManThaBoyBoy"']drugs..

    fortify myself up and do a bunch of drugs..[/quote]

    You made me crack up
  11. Also get done kind of small arm, perhaps a pistol if that's viable, if not, maybe a zippo/deodorant flamethrower? Cheapish.

    Get a shitload of no brand deodorant, buy four zippos from wall mart, that's maybe 60$ for a hard-to-exhaust supply of flamethrower.

    Zippos can take any cheap shit gasoline - tie a rope around the insert, throw in your gas tank, pull out by rope.

    Make sure you have 10X6 flints.

    A few wicks.

    - iPod6809
  12. Anyone have a marijuana seed stash?
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    lol I would not try to hunt a bear with a bow... a bb gun could kill a bear technically, sure as shit wouldn't try it though. Ever watch a hunting show? Hitting a deer with a bow doesn't drop them, they run, sometimes a long way before collapsing. You bet your ass a bear wouldn't be running away from its attacker. If you're seriously thinking about a complete collapse of society and long term needs for a weapon, buy a .22 rifle. You could buy an ungodly amount of .22 lr for dirt cheap. Then you wouldn't have to spend all day sharpening a stick into a single shitty wobbly arrow shaft that wouldn't even fly straight, haha..
  14. M3ssenger, make your own ammo, i saw this guy do it on preppers. He made a shit load from scrap metal and it didnt look that hard to do. If you are prepping this would be the way to go, you will always have ammo as long as you have scrap metal.
  15. I've got a collection of swords and chains that will see me through any disaster
  16. Y U No stock up on weed also?
  17. Crossbow FTW. A bolt will go right through a deer and stick into the ground on the other side. Plus, like someone else said the bolts are reusable. Not always the broadheads though.
  18. do us all a favor and lock yourself in your bunker and never come out
  19. How you finna chill get some bud too

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