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  1. Do you believe in punishing wrong dooers? Or do you believe in prevention?

    That is to say. Do you believe if someone is building something extremely dangerous, should they be stopped? Of should only people who actually damage society be punished?

  2. Wrongdoers should always be punished according to their crimes.

    Buuuuut I wouldn't mind if someone nuked all mankind off this planet.
  3. I don't think punishment does anything that's ultimately productive to a society long-term, this isn't the Old Testament. It's far better to understand why wrong happens so it can be prevented. But focusing on prevention means we have to look at racism, sexism and societal inequities. It means we as people need to be more involved in our communities and parenting our children, and it also means people have to be less shallow. They have to get off their fucking couches or wherever they sit and think beyond "reality TV, or Facebook, or whatever it is that's keeping them anchored and less adventurous.

    A society's worth IMHO is determined not by how it punishes but by how much mercy it extends.....
  4. What does it matter? The people that run this world have the ability to wipe mankind off the face of the planet. Nothing we can do to stop it.
  5. Not really. They can kill a lot, but there's absolutely ways of surviving a nuclear fall out.

    Also, surprisingly, there is not enough nuclear weapons on earth that could "destroy the earth several times over", as commonly known by a large portion of the population.
  6. You are misinformed, do not believe everything on CNN like the large portion of the population. Even if the fallout doesn't kill, the people will be placed into FEMA camps and quarantined and then be taken care of. Very evil people are in control of this earth and its not a matter of "if" they make a move its when are they making the move. It's been getting worse ever since 9/11 which there are still some people that think it was a bunch of jumping jihad johnnys (LMAO) even though there is every bit of info that points to the truth on the internet within everyones reach. Same thing with all these school shootings which the "large portion of the population" believe are real events and they are not, they are fabricated with the plan of kicking mindless peoples fear into overdrive so they will do anything their masters tell them.

  7. I don't need to watch or believe CNN or the government to know that's all bullshit. Fuckin fema camps, lmao.
  8. Well have fun with your New world order, one world government and global credit card (nobody will be able to purchase anything without one, its called EMV and its very real, look it up)
    Only fools can be deceived.
  9. Fully agree!
  10. Someone has been drinking the Fool-Aid..
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    But jet fuel doesn't melt steel beams. :laughing:
  12. the way we can survive:
    - stop destroying our own planet by ourselves (we were supposed to be sapiens - smart... really?)
    - find the way to commute with the speed high enough to reach the planets we can see with telescopes
    - find planets suitable for living
    - do all the above before we get fucked up here by whatever reason (sun expands and eats us / andromeda merges with milky way (who knows whats gonna happen / some stars blow up and change our gravity or chemical content of our surroundings) etc

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