Doomed from the start

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by dr_krapp, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. It seems weird to think that we're doomed as a race. As any race with the power to destroy itself will do so, it seems to me we're getting closer to that day quicker than ever before. The war on terrorism is one power flexing its muscles. World peace can never be as people will always disagree, disagreements lead to seperation, which leads to war, which can lead to peace, its a visous circle. even if we do get far evuf we'll do something with our technolgy. We'll build a computor which will se us as useless kill us all off. Humans will dies by our own making mark my words!

    The war against ourselfs or the machine is coming, theres no stopping it as humans are plaged by curoisity, even if sumone says dont do it because this will happen sumone will do it to find out if we were rite.

    Why do you think theres no prove of aliens? they proberly killed themselfs off before leaving there soloar system
  2. well let's have a good time when we still can...

    but hopefully people chance and understand that you can't own land or life.
  3. wel live until we die, and then some
  4. i just think its sad that humans have achived so much and it will all be in vein
  5. well maybe we'll face an end to an phase of human evolution, think about the aztecs, romans, ancient greece, egypt they all had highly developed cultures and such but the've all vanished since... because of other humans, but now that the world is united that kind of an thing is unlikely to happen and we all go down on the same boat.

    But there is this one guy who believes that at some time the planet earth will be like an museum and everybody is living on space and so, not a very bright idea but he had an interesting point on the life on earth, he's collecting all kinds of "data" of human life, bus tickets, bills, takes a 100 photos per day, records his toughts and what has happened to him everyday... the reason why he's doing this is that at some point of time the human race will vanish and hopefully there will be another animal that will evolve to the level of humans today and when that happens they'll find all this material and hopefully can understand how humans lived and hopefully not do the same mistakes as we did. The other purpose was that human society can be rebuild and human life cloned somepoint in the future by some alien race or such,.

  6. thats sounds earily charles manson-ish
  7. this thread makes me think of the Drake Equation.
  8. this thread makes me try and remember it
  9. i'm sure it can easily be found via the search button.

  10. Well here's a quote coming from a scientist with more credentials than me and you(unless you really are a doctor), "Killer asteroids or parricidal robots seem more plausible than species-cide."

    Well i thought there would be a better quote, but what this guy is saying is that no matter what horrible stuff we do to the earth/eachother the human race is so resilient and adaptable that our species will most likely not be the end of itself. He even goes on to say that the scenario in The Matrix: Reloaded is more plausible than humans being the end to their own race.

  11. thats would be our own fault tho. for the machines to exsist they must be designed and built, eg we do it. our fault bringing it on ourselfs

  12. i'll tell you somthing, if it was up to me, i'd stop reserch into computers that think, manual controll is enuff. and put more into reserching ways to leave this rock, the sooner we leave the better chance we have, as we cant blow up 3 or 4 planets
  13. i know what you mean, we are the only species on this planet that can learn to adapt with any habitat. thinking about it to sum it all the way we work is amazing. but now with things like chemical warfair, and all the wars going on we might as well just say its the end of the world now. any nutter of a world leader can destroy countrys with no problem, and when this happens, a bomb gets sent back, and thats pretty much it, and if it comes to this i will be the one catching the bomb cos i dont like the idea of life afterwords. its a shame really how we have taken our life for granted.
  14. We've come from where we were to where we are, and I think we'll keep going.

    We've also had enough power to destroy ourselfves many times over for half a century and we're still alive.

    I say we've done pretty well, and will continue to do so.

    okies, there's the drake equation. i posted it at about the 11th post into this thread.

    but THIS thread is delving into the most interesting area of teh drake equation. the survivability of a race. and when looking at our race, paying particular attention to our warring history and to our technological advances and our inability to put aside that which would get us so rattled as to go to war. and remember, some folks are far more easily rattled than just us stoners. some folks get rattled into hearing the war drums just because there are people who have different coloured skin to themselves!!!

    and there are times i fell like i can hear and feel the future echos of our own nuclear & biological appocalypse. its getting pretty damn loud these days.

    how long can it last krazi? how long do you think it will last?

    with the collapses of governments with the changing ecconomic and political landscapes... who's to say that humans will continue to have a respect for the planet and for life.

    we can only hope that there are enough sane people in government and military.

  16. The need to survive can change or mutate just as easily as any other aspect of humanity. We are incredibly adaptive and proved it when we spent thousands of years just surviving. Before nuclear devices or biological warfare there was the ice age. The only food was what you could kill and the only progress was what you could do to stay alive longer (traveling was a big part of this). The predicted result of worldwide nuclear destruction is actually not as bad as what we've already gone through. I don't believe we've made anything yet that could truly wipe out every human on earth.

    We'd even manage to maintain a lot of our knowledge, just waiting for a time that we could use it again. Maybe after having to struggle to survive for a while due to some world war or something we'll become quite a bit stronger and more intelligent, as well as less likely to repeat our mistakes.
  17. But seriously, if you believe the human race is headed toward annihlation, IMHO you're correct; if **I** were you, I'd check out the situation and SEE for myself if there were any spiritual realities which just MIGHT be able to shed some light on that situation... (after a bong or two, of course :) For an extended discussion, email or pm me


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