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  1. Thoughts?

    I think it's pretty decent. The graphics are a little last gen but I'm not too picky about that stuff. I do really dig the customization. Pretty in depth for a shooter. The gameplay is pretty fast but could be faster imo. But I like the weapons and the overall feel of the game. Will probably keep my collectors pre-ordered. Was using the beta to determine whether or not to buy it.

    Over all I think it's a decent game. In no way is it anywhere near as good as the classic Dooms but for a current gen game I can dig it.

    Feel free to share any opinions.

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  2. I really like the speed and traversal in general. Seems very fluid and seamless and makes me really feel like a predator when I'm focused. I'm enjoying having that old-school quake rocketplay but the respin on the railgun in a little off for me, albeit still pretty beastly if used properly.

    The game looks good to me, I was impressed by the visuals.

    The beta doesn't show off too much, obviously. What I have seen of the story mode looks awesome.

    I'm already a doom fan and this beta may have just cemented the buy for me.
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  3. i'm debating checking it out but i've been busy playing Dark Souls 3.
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  4. I'm playing it. Think i'm a level 9. It's decent, not cool enough for make me want to actually pick up the game. Although I could see myself getting pretty hooked on it. Who knows though I'm lookin to trade my copy of the Division for something so it'll most likely be this or Dark Souls 3
  5. It feels like they took their favorite parts of Doom, Quake and UT and infused it with CoD. The general flow of the game goes out the window with the leveling and loadouts systems. I'm not at all a fan.

    I'mm hoping the single player campaign actually holds up, or I'll just take a pass. We already have enough crappy multiplayer shooters to choose from.

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  6. Yeah, I can see some people not liking it. It's all good!

    I too am interested to see how single player turns out.

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  7. Played a couple of games on it, wasn't blown away but it was fun.

    I like the fast pace of it especially though.

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  8. I wish I got in on it. I'm an old school Quaker (Like think Quakeworld). I'm not sure if it can compare to the golden age, and from what I hear from my Quake buddies it's kind of just a shake and bake remake with awesome new graphics. I hope they do some more polishing on the game play. Especially the online multiplayer.
  9. Bethesta don't really do good graphics, they do, do good stories and gameplay. I'm far more exited to see the single player than the multilayer.
  10. DOOM multiplayer is extremely basic, as we would have expected it to be. I am genuinely scared however, as they seem to have taken a ton of time to polish the multiplayer.
  11. The beta was great.
    The only downside is the introduction of a multi-player only season pass, it splits up the community for those who don't own the maps.

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