doodles, a pic, and a poem.

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    this is probably the most straightforward poem ive ever written. they usually make less sense if you just read them for what they are :p lol. it doesnt have a title yet.

    pine cones and coral
    glacial sioux charley lake
    and charley young beach?


    i can
    can i?
    never leave
    speckled granite stone
    and blackredbrown hardened lava
    both home?
    calm of placid lake
    transforming into
    euphoria of roiling rolling rocking waves

    and if home
    is where the heart is
    how can i be whole?
    when the waves push me under
    and the chill of the lake lake freezes my heart

    idk man?
    btw sioux charley is a lake in montana and charley young is a beach on maui.
    you can prolly guess what the poem is about.

    and heres a pinecone i doodleddd.

    theres a couple flubs i was gonna fix but then i got to un-motivated and decided it looked enough like a pinecone to let it be. they were funky lookin pinecones in the first place the ones i was drawing.

    and a panda. spectacular. its cute. i have a thing for pandas. in case you couldnt tell.

    my dog just farted. thought youd like to know.

    and.... this was an anti-pot smoking article in my sisters magazine that i... modified. its not really my art but i liked it. so here.

    and just cause, a pic of that lil nuggg.

    not the most amazing shit, but i would have been curious what that bud looked like if i seen that pic. so voila. enjoy. i think that one was either the stuff my neighbor grew or the stuff in an eighth i bought of unknown origin? i dont remember.
    sorry. im rambling. ill stop now.

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