dood i feel like such a player . . .

Discussion in 'General' started by Bleezie_King, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. idk what happened

    but first of all today i had to go see some therapist my mom wanted me to see

    so i go

    and the fucker canceled at the last minute :mad:

    so i leave

    and these younger girls start eyeing me while i smoke my b&m

    they like "what u smokings LOLOL!"

    "just a black."


    they start walking away, but they keep looking back at me

    and i look at them

    and the white one keeps trying to push the filipina one my way

    i'm standing there like "dood i'ma player omg wtf lolz!"

    and so the white one gives up and they say "like, BYE! OMG!1!"

    and the filipina one starts talking to me

    she's fucking 16 and a junior

    i'm 19, she thought i was 20

    i was like "wtf most say 16 or 17"

    we loled

    we talk more, i get a number

    i'ma see what's up

    seems like a nice girl

    but i feel like such a player

    though i'm totally not

    weird how one thing fucks up and something else happens

    who would have thunk? :confused_2:
  2. Jailbait. But it doesnt really matter.
  3. Get dat ass brahhh

  4. ha ha

    both great input

    and idk

    gotta see if she worth the risk
  5. jailbait...u should hit it anyway
  6. mmm hmm
  7. if she was hot then its worth the risk 100%

    16 is age of consent

    hit it and quit it BRAHHH


  8. hur hur hur

    u r funniez

    lololol yeah what ever:rolleyes:
  9. im really high.. and i just feel like i wasted so much time reading that.. im sorry bro normally im not a dick..

  10. next time just don't post

  11. is she hot?

    if she is hit that up
  12. When one door closes another always seems to open up. hump it and dump it.
  13. A player would have got both girls numbers and had a threesome.
  14. fo sho like the original pimp himself don juan.

  15. glad to hear it man, have fun with the relationship.

  16. she just a number and a cute face

    plus i got other girls on my mind

    and yeah, she's one of those cute little filipina girls

    and she wants to chill tomorrow

    see if i can get a smoke out from it

    for now

    plus i havn't smoked in a week :(
  17. Lol same thing happened to me at Taco Bell today. I was waiting for my food and this hispanic family was in front of me. Well this 12-13 year old girl was just staring me down like eyefucking me. And her mom right in front of me is like "Sylvia!, stop staring". I laughed my ass off, not in front of them though. Shit was just funny the way her mom said it.
  18. You got some 16 year olds number outside the therapist's office that your mom is forcing you to go to, and you're a player?

  19. well who says your not?
    do your thing, but make sure if anything goes down, that the cops arent involved.

    good luck bro.
  20. I don't get it... this is a joke thread right? Where is the punchline?

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