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Doobing On Alcatraz Island

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CannedSpam, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. I was curious as to where is the most unusual place that some of you folks have ever toked up at.

    A few years ago, a friend and myself, were on vacation in San Francisco, and we took the boat to Alcatraz Island. We found a remote location on the island and enjoyed a nice doobster.

    That was probably one of the coolest locations that I've ever toked up at--the cool wind, bright sun and that incredible bay view were just the best.

    Normally I'm not into public tokings, for obvious reasons, but Alcatraz was an exception. If you are ever in the Bay City, I highly recommend that you pay the $10 and visit the island. It's a spooky place but oh the history there.

    What's your most unique toking experience?
  2. amtrak, smoked a J in the bathroom of the train.
  3. This isn't a smoking experience, but I did get sloppy drunk at epcot in Disney World on my high school senior class trip. Best place I was ever messed up in my entire life.
  4. Well my story is sad but also the most spiritual experience in my life. I smoked at my homeboys funeral, and he smoked to or at least before they put him in the ground we hot boxed his coffin and lit the joint in his mouth as he went down.
  5. in somebodies backyard in orinda... My friends and i couldnt find a place that wasnt windy so we hopped a fence into these peopls backyard and toked a few bowls.... dont ask what we were thinkin but luckily no one was home.....
  6. on Alcatraz? We thought about taking our bowl on our next trip there, whereabouts is this remote location? we keep going @ the last minute & hardly have time to roam the island so we're going to have to go early one day :D

    my most public potsmoking adventure was @ the million marijuana march in san francisco, smokin joints in front of the federal building, in front of swarms of cops..

    but that was organized, so i would have to say getting nice & stoned on a nice long hike in Muir Woods would have to be my most "adventurous" and fun experience. if you haven't ever visited the woods, it's beautiful and a very spiritual experience if you permit it to be...
    it's FIRE SEASON THOUGH so if you spark a doob make sure to smoke it carefully & don't toss the roach, keep it in your pocket or an empty water bottle. wouldn't want a pothead to be the cause of a national disaster :)

  7. two days ago me and a buddy saw a pretty comfy looking discarded chair sitting behind the hospital so we took it and somehow managed to get it onto the roof of our old elementary school, where we sat and smoked a couple bowls
    then the cops came
    so dont smoke on schools
  8. Ganjaphish: For a nice remote area on Alcatraz to indulge, exit the main cellblock building and turn right. Go down that winding road until you're out of sight of the tourists, and far enough that the smell won't waft back up the hill. (You may have to cross a "no admittance" sign, but that just guarantees you that nobody will bother you.) That's probably about the most remote area I saw while there. Most of the tourists are inside the buildings and not wandering on that side of the island. If a park ranger sees you heading down the road (unlikely) just act as though you're from a foreign country, and don't speak English. You'll have a nice view of the GG bridge on that side of the island, too.

    Wish I'd been in SF for that million man doobie march. That sounds like it was a blast. If you have some pix of the event, why don't you post them here. I've never walked past a cop smoking a joint but that certainly sounds like it was fun.

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