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Doobie help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SoulStoner, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So I recently started rollin doobies. I keep trying to pearl them but fail. Whenever I do get something somewhat smokable I fail when I spark it. Its like the weed doesn't burn and the paper just burns. Its quite annoying. I read that to prevent the paper burning I can lick it a little. Where should I do this? Are there any more remedies for this?
  2. I'm pretty fuckin' high cause this made absolutely no fuckin' sense to me.:cool:
  3. Joints never burned good for me, so i became a blunt man. I recommend it :D
  4. i can't roll right they always come out as loose cones i hafta stuff
  5. do it tighter. I roll up the middle really tight first, then to use base of thumbs to roll outer edges. If you didnt get a good fill at least you can easily pack one side down, cut remaining paper and roll the edges up
  6. Gotta roll them tight or they won't burn properly, you should only ever be licking the gum on the paper (unless performing joint surgery).
    What is 'pearling'?
    Just keep practicing and you'll get there eventually. Get a small pack of tobacco and practice with that (even if you don't smoke).

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