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  1. Your stash gets down to about 1 small bowl of shake/keif from the bottom of the bag. With a teensy piece of nug and a little bit of burntness.

    I dont know wether to smoke it, or save it.
  2. its very tricky decision to make but let your instinct decide for you...listen to it. I know my instinct always told me to smoke whatevers left but see what yours says
  3. I usually save it if I just smoked, saying "its better to escape sobriety twice than get really high once"
  4. nahhh
  5. that's about the time i've already gotten with my guy, and there's a new bag sitting next to it.
  6. That stuff at the bottom, u dont wanna smoke it. Its bad. Its real bad man.
  7. i have a small mason jar that i keep all that stuff in. kief from buds stay in the grinder, shake/kief from bags goes into the jar

    i usually smoke this on a special occasion, or when im really dry and stressed out and just need a break. once you get it going it can seriously last you a while

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    No its usually pretty good since its mostly kief. Which is in turn.... Mostly trichomes.
    Unless your smoking mexi blocks. Then its bad.

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