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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RMJL, Jun 12, 2003.

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  1. ...that you could have sex with who you want right when you want it? Like a genie granting wishes...all you\'d have to say is \"I want to fuck (insert name here)\" and then all of a sudden you\'re doing it with whoever you want, when you want. Wouldn\'t that be so cool?


    ...that you\'d always have an ounce of weed? You roll a joint and then weigh your bag in at an ounce...load 4 bowls and roll a blunt and it still weighs in at an ounce. That would rule!


    ...that you had aliens living in a tree house in your back yard? Now, that would really be cool!!!!

  2. i vote for option a.....the weed thing is to easy...:)
  3. I never got past the option of sleeping with, Ta-da, Ashley Judd.:D

    BTW, I already have the never ending ounce of weed.

    Just to claify this, do Aliens have vaginas or are these aliens from the planet Cannabisia and are smokable? If you can have sex AND smoke these aliens, that might be an interesting choice.
  4. Be careful Poppa, or you might get your ass busted by the galactic police for possesion, prostitution and the consumption of another living being, the interstellar commitee of really smart guys (ICRSG) would put your ass in the clink
  5. the first one by far..
  6. I was thinking about that first one before I even saw this thread. The others would be nice too except the ounce. I\'d make it like a 1/2 because in TN having an ounce is considered \"intent to sale\" and worth more jail time than a half.
  7. l have all\" off\" those things now,lol.

  8. They will never take me alive!! :D And I\'ll take as many of them with me as I can!
  9. I would alternate between Ashley Judd, RMJL, And Meg Ryan on the sex thing..

    I have all the weed I need most of the time.

    BPP can have my share of aliens!
  10. Without a doubt the 1st one, jus think about it ya gettin horny n u wanna fuck \"I wanna fuck Beyonce\" n hey persto she appears, i would luv it .
  11. i already get to do that.

    i have a very powerful imagination. very

  12. and a very strong right hand?
  13. LOL!

    Make up your own damn wishes!!!

    I wish that I were on a deserted island that had MaryJane growing everywhere with all of my very favorite people and most of my not so very favorite people (for spice) and that we were all stoned 24/7 and that free love and peace and happiness and the pursuit of pleasure was all that mattered!!! :) Thinking about that makes me happy. :D
  14. I wish that I were on a deserted island that had MaryJane growing everywhere with all of my very favorite people and most of my not so very favorite people (for spice) and that we were all stoned 24/7 and that free love and peace and happiness and the pursuit of pleasure was all that mattered!!! :) Thinking about that makes me happy. :D [/B][/QUOTE]

    But then you wake up and are back in reality...sad no?

    I\'d like to be on a tropical island sitting under the shade of a few 40 foot ganja plants....Bob Marley and a few other musicians are jammin and i\'m being fanned by beautiful supermodels. Oh yeah, I can also fly
  15. I wish i had more money than the US senate. Then i could have all of them on my payroll and weed would be leagal..

    An secluded Island with friends and MJ would be an alternative.. I\'d have boobie traps everywhere to keep out the undesiered!

  16. that too.... but imagination alone is more powerfull than any hand... if slightly less *ahem* conclusive. lol

    anywas... following rumjil\'s instructions...

    I wish things were like this...
    we live in a peace loving society. Our rulers are chosen from campaigns where every candidate gets an equal hearing. The people are consciensious and take an interest in what goes on in the rest of the world rather than just what happens outside their doors. they can do this because thanks to a cleverly organised wellfare system people are free from the blinding cripling constraints of struggling for every penny to survive. Technology is embraced lovingly but carefully and scientific mindedly. Technology is forwarded by the people, not the corporations or the warmongers. Religious differences do not cause hatred and wars... thanks mainly to education education and more education. gone are the days of propaganda, propaganda and more propaganda. Intelligence agencies opperate with a moderate amount of openess, and mainly work on stamping out pockets of authoritarianist or racist uprisings. Nuclear energy is ilegal as are the bi-products (nuclear weapons). what little remaining stockpiles of nuclear energy are left are kept for global protection from attack/disaster from outter space. The worlds greatest resource is put to use to the fullest of its potential. Cannabis is used as fuel, food, medicine, fabric, construction material etc etc. There are no Drug Laws... only a few drug guidlines. again, education is prime. Contraception is now accepted by all religions as the only means of saving the entire species from the crippling effects of over population. Cities are rebuilt to suit society, not to suit the financial setup costs. non Bio-degradable man made plastics and materials are regulated and restricted to the strictest extremes. Where ever possable, every step is taken to ensure the life forms on earth are not interfered with by humans. Genetic engineering advances occur, but only under the most intensly strict safety scrutiny and only with the backing of the people. Space exploration is humanities primary goal. over 60% of their abundant wealth is put towards the goals in space. The terra forming of Mars is underway. Habitat domes on the moon are built to support huge holiday camps and hotels. Orbital stations and cities can be seen around many of the planetary bodies in our solar system. Space debri is carefully managed. Currency and money is slowly being phased out. and one final twist... the heads of current Neo-Conservatives are skewered on spikes infront of the World Political Forum HQ in Ethiopia.
  17. I wish i could get the whole world stoned and have sex with all the great women here at the city...Hmmmmm I could do the second half maybe!!!

  18. i totally would love that world to live in!
    and i vote for \'A\'
  19. all i need is my chick, my bong. and a sack and everything else fades away in a cloud of thick smoke. i suppose i could use the aliens technological advancements to create some kind of super super potent super weed or something along the lines of genetically engineered marijuana.
  20. i wish we could ALL get together and smoke up in one of the worlds largest lounge/sitting room/living room/chillout room... whatever u wanna call it.

    *Digit drifts of into a dream...*
    hey beth... you gonna pass that or just hold it? *cheeky smile* .... thnx.... *puff, puff* norman, you wanna fill another bong? ... well you\'re closest .... rumjil... sit still when i\'m trying to draw you .... lets have that music a bit louder.. yeah...*puff* jimi is the man... *puff, puff* ... whats that smell? ..... munchies? ... who\'s making *puff puff* ... cool..... .....oh wow, you\'ve made enough to feed an army...*puff puff pass* thnx ganjamom, THNX EVERYONE STILL IN THE KITCHEN.... mmm, these are good... you bake these? ..... oh, well tell her she\'s a star when u go back in there... where\'s critter?... tell him to bring back some for the rest of us... he is? .. okies.... HOLY CRAP! you see that shit toosicks just did on his bike? no? aw man, that was some crazy move... ... i dunno the names of tricks... he landed badly though.. i think their coming back in... dem crazy skaters ... critt, sheesh, you sure u brought back enough beers? ... ok, point taken, there are loads of us.... nearly finnished your picture rumjil... ... no i didnt rush it... well.. maybe a little, i wanna skin up, hehe... What happened guys? saw that move toosicks cool as fuck... hehe, a poor workman always blames his tools... ... ok, ok.. i beliee you it was wet, it was wet. u ok though? ... haha, you sick bastard! hehe.... ok rumjil... done, you can move again.... wana see? yeah its crap isnt it... too rushed. WAAAANG! you still got my skins way over there? .... who has them then? .... Zia, you got my skins? .... hehe, i though u still had them wang. throw them over! ... thnx. *grind grindgrindgrindgrindgrindgrindgrindgrindgrindgrind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grind grindgrindgrindgrind grindgrindgrind grindgrindgrind grindgrindgrind grindgrindgrind grindgrindgrindgrind grindgrindgrindgrind grindgrindgrindgrind grindgrindgrindgrind grindgrindgrindgrind* .... how long is it until my shot on the DreamCast? ... no, i just want to play the DC, i\'ll skip my go on the Xbox and Cube for s shot sooner on the dc..... ok, cool... just enouh time to skin up.... *sprinkle, roll roll, lick* ... fire? ... thnx beth. *spark* *puff puff* .....

    *Digit wakes from dream....*


    it was only a dream.



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