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  1. dont you think smoking weed just sorta makes you cooler? i mean theres some kids in my classes who if i didnt know they smoked i would never talk to but i do know they smoke so i hang with em at school not so much out of school. idk i was sittin there today and i relized that if i had never found out that they smoked me/my friends would never talk to em... idk... i mean i know its mean but i guess idk... i mean like im glad i found out cause i relized that theyre cool(well i think theyre pretty cool lol...). but ya know what i mean? i mean i started smokin cause i wanted to and pretty far before most of the people i know. but it sorta just popped in my mind:rolleyes:
  2. No, smoking does not make me cooler. I'm the same guy, with or without herb.

    Back in high school I definitely thought it made me cooler though. There will come a point when you realize that it's just something you either enjoy or don't enjoy, and it's the same for everybody else.
  3. Yeah i really don't look it anything as "cool" or "uncool" because i judge things based on what I, myself like, not what others might consider. I don't want to sound selfish but in the end you only have yourself so why not put yourself on top of the list, ya know?

    And also when I was in high school it did seem cool to smoke, which is probably why I started but as u get older other things become important and smoking just becomes a part of your life, if you decide to continue that is.
  4. No, it just means that you have something in common and to talk about.

    Just imagine you were into stamp collecting, and you met others that like to collect stamps too, it wouldn't make them 'cooler', it would just mean you have similarities.

    As for weed making somwbody cool is not true. Marijuana is an intoxicant and a drug. If somedody likes to binge drink at a party that doesn't make them cool, heroin addicts arn't cool.

    Smoking yandi is a lifestyle and a hobby, not a fashion statement.
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  5. lol u tell that to MTV or BET.:D
  6. Smoking weed making you cool?:hello:
  7. hmm i guess you guys dont understand what i mean...

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