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Don't you love that feeling?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by daveracer, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. Don't you love the feeling of hearing your dealer say "yeah, i got it...." after being 3-4 days dry, and pretty much everyone else you know being dry also.

    Yeah, that's me.....:wave: Going for a ride, be back soon :wave:

  2. hahah i love the feeling when you were expecting to pay like 20 for a gram of heads but you meet that one dealer who will sell you the same stuff for around 10. that happens to me every now and then and it makes my day.
  3. I love it when my dealer have been out of dank for a long, long time, then one day I can just smell it in his house and he's got dank :smoking:
  4. My guy was dry for a week and then I texted him like 4 days later and he said he was dry still. Like 5 minutes later he texted me back saying he was no longer dry, yayy.
  5. I also love the feeling that i just got 1/8th of some really piney, strong smelling dank. Yummmm
  6. On Monday, I had to go through the most effort I've ever needed to get bud. I called literally every dealer and smoke buddy on my phone, and NO ONE had weed. Me and a friend spent over 1.5 hours sitting in his garage calling phone numbers of people who might have weed. Not a single person did

    Eventually, we got a call back from a guy who just re-upped and would sell us a sac. When he told me that over the phone, I nearly jumped for joy. My friend and I drove to the guy, got the sac, and got very high :smoke:
  7. I like hunting down weed. It's like a scavenger hunt where everyone eventually wins. I like the ones that start simple and end up as an elaborate complicated situation. For example, it starts with a call to your buddy to see if he knows where to find any, and he ends up getting a friend of a friend of a friend's number who's got the hookup. You're expecting it to be easy, just make the purchase, maybe smoke a bowl, and chill for a few minutes to avoid looking suspicious since he lives nextdoor to a cop. When you do show up at his place the cop is just chilling out grilling some steaks with three of his other cop buddies and they all glance at you like you're a criminal. Then when inside his apartment you can tell that this guy's high as shit and he's lost the key to his safe so you pretend to help him look around for it while you're really just texting your other buddy to see if he has a better idea. You eventually get so sketched out that you make up a tragic excuse that you left your dog outside and if you don't hurry back he'll get hit by a car and you bail out the back window and casually finish walking back to your truck, where you call your other buddy back and meet up with him. However, your other buddies plan is even worse and you resort to going back to the dealers house that you just left. You decide on waiting 45 minutes before you go back because the thought of buying drugs just 10 feet away from 4 drunken cops makes you paranoid, so you go back to your place and scrape/smoke resin until you think the cops have moved inside only to find out that they haven't and turning back to leave would look even more sketchy so you walk awkwardly and red eyed past the cops who again stare you down like a criminal and into your guys apartment, only to find out that the key was in the safe the whole time.

    Got a little carried away.. Ohhh, the life of being a stoner.

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