dont you just love free weed?!?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dr dre, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. so today my friend and i were chillin and i had just ran out of weed. hes been clean from weed for about a month so he has alot of extra money and he randomly asks if i have someones number and im like yeah why? and hes like cuz your about to get a dub five. this is the order of my emotions at that moment: :confused: :eek: :hello: :D:smoke:
  2. hahahha im acctually laughing at the "order of emotions" :D very nice dude
  3. Yes I do!

    Today I was running bud to a friend for my friends dad and I was like damn I have nothin to smoke tonight... then when I drop my friend off his dad gave me a couple bong hits and a bowlpack to take with me :D
  4. Hah order of emotions is awesome.
  5. I think I would if I ever got any...:(
  6. Never had it before... What's it like? The only weed I can get around where I live is the shit you gotta pay for...
  7. haha i like the order of emotions
  8. Nice :). I love it when people just want to smoke me out for free woot! Of course if needed I'll drop I'm no cheap bastard.
  9. i only smoke free weed.:)
  10. hahah love the order of emotion
    and yes i luv free budda, especially if it purple haze.
  11. Some friend

  12. That's nice, so he just bought you a dub? Nice. One time I found a .8 nugget in my car, sealed in a plastic bag. It was nice.
  13. I love free weed. I was at a concert not that long ago and some guy next to me gave me some good weed. I could tell he was high as fuck.
  14. same here lol its the best kind of weed because then you dont feel like shit for spending all your money the next day
  15. i cant wait until im smoking free weed :D

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