Don't you just love feelin' great?

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. What a great day. Yea, I had to work today...but, who cares? I'm home now, smokin' a fatass bowl, topped with keif, frosty Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in the other hand and just rockin' to some CCR.

    Life is good. I just feel so pleasant and content right now. Talked to my girl earlier and got my moving plans almost solidly worked out now. :hello: Feels like a I conquered a mental barrier. The more I smoke, the less obstacles slow me down.

    How's everyone else doing this Friday night? What are your plans?
  2. tonight was a good night for me, smoked a couple L's...bout to roll one now, watched fire works, got some ass, and just chilled. Im in a pretty good mood myself.
  3. tonight sucked and now i'm sitting in my room, dry of course, eatin some tuna salad and drinkin some water. Highlight of my day being poisoning a few hundred of those centipde bastards i was talkin bout, and then i saw a huge mosquito, and laughed my ass off because it had a hair stuck on it which was attached to lint, and you could tell where he was goin because it was stuck to him when he flew, and then i just crushed him with a shoe :p
  4. And I just downloaded a Geroge Carlin standup I have yet to hear. Can life get any better?

    ...maybe if it rained frosty buds. Damn...that would be sweet. Fuck, I'm high.
  5. my night has been very chill. Me and some friends smoked a few bowls, sat around watching tv/listening to music, ate most of the food in the house, smoked more, ate more, and now were just on the couch again watching South Park and chillin. Going to a party in an hour or so to get my drink on! good times! hope everyone is having a good night, peace :smoking:
  6. well its saturday now... i have to work all day... its my birthday too.

    few friends coming over after work and im gettin crunk!
  7. Happy Birthday!

    Too bad you have to hard tonight!

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