Dont you just hate,

Discussion in 'General' started by crucialdanks303, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. When you got the munchies and you find the best TV dinner in the fridge and you pop it in and wait and wait....more waiting, Then BEEP BEEP BEEP so you hop up and grab it and sit in front of the TV and take the first bite AND ITS FUCKING ICE COLD! and you followed the directions prefectly. Fuck that.
  2. you always gotta stir half way through;)
  3. Luckily I've never had the misfortune of having to eat a TV dinner, but eating it cold sounds awful.
  4. thats why they have oven directions, they cook much better

  5. yeh wtf i did that once with hotpockets :(
  6. "Diahrea pockets" - Sang by Jim Gaffigan
  7. tv dinners suck even when they are warm all the way through hahaha
  8. Instant ramen > tv dinners.
  9. Yeah it happens to me sometimes at home, not ice cold, but just not hot as I want it.

    However, the microwave at work doesn't my burrito's get scolding hot on the edges and frozen bean in the center.

  10. Harrrsh lol.

  11. ramen noodles is where its at haha
  12. ovens take like 30 minutes man, If i had that time i would just drive over to wendys haha, But ya the tv dinner was a turkey dinner which was even worse cause it had gravy it was horrible.
  13. dude holy clits! Lately I've noticed tons of frozen microwave food says on the box that if you don't have a 1k watt microwave then your going to need to cook that shit longer...

    But on that note who the fuck knows how many watts there microwave is?!
  14. Tv dinner makers are just out to fuck us, Like i want a Tv dinner that actually fucking fills me up, seriously.
  15. I cook all of my food from scratch, or at least 95% of it. You won't find those horrid TV dinners in our house.
  16. Really good to hear that! My girl and I cook as much stuff as possible from scratch aswell. The art of cooking seems to be dying these days.

    As for the OP, that would seriously suck man, TV dinner sounds gross as but cold turkey and cold gravy ehhhhhhhhhhhhh :cry:

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