Don't you just hate this..

Discussion in 'General' started by spliffman42o, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. When your broke not a penny to your name, and all of a sudden RING RING, your mates ringing. Then you answer the phone knowing that your friend is gonna ask you to go halfs to some green. AND when you tell him you have no money, they don't wana know WTF?
  2. Never happened to me
  3. happens to me alot i guess
  4. When I run out of money, my friends buy the weed. When my friends run out of money, I buy the weed. When We all have money, we all buy weed!
  5. Didn't happen very often, but I just used to say, "Nah! I'm good! Try me later this week, though" and hope I'd have some money by then! lol

  6. Then those aren't your mates/friends.. They're leeches.:)
  7. I was always more worried about my friends calling and wanting to do something fun that costed money.

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