Don't you just HATE IT when..

Discussion in 'General' started by 5cooby Doo, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Your conversations go like this:

    1: Hello, what's up.
    2: Nothing much you.
    1: Nothing much.
  2. you talking about like a face to face convo? or text?
  3. lol that shit happens with my online texting friends sometimes lol..

    And i fucking HATE it too. uuugh.

  4. :laughing: ahaha that would be the funniest thing..but no I'm talking about an online or text message convo :p
  5. jaja yea id imagine that to be a very awkard convo in person

    well the way i see it you have to be able to draw out the conversation if the other person has nothing to talk about
  6. yes! this happens a lot! and i have found out the perfect solution guaranteed to work every time! what you have to do is..
  7. I HATE getting stood up for a date!
  8. I hate when people try to feed me. I'm no dog.
  9. i dont know about that, when some one asks me whats up ill always tell em what im doing or some crazy story that happened to me. Its may just be me, but i hate akward convo's.

  10. Nooo! now i'll never know!:eek:
  11. were you number 1 in that convo?

    you were asking for it with a response like that...

  12. :laughing:
    Sometimes I'm number one, sometimes I'm number two. Just hard to carry a convo with certain people.
  13. Man that is how all my real life convos go except with a select few people even if I am smoking with them, No question I wont speak to you.
  14. YEA i fucking hate that haha.

    i guess try being more specific, instead of just "wassup" say like "wat's been going on in your life?" *serious face*

  15. Sometimes that's the way she's gotta be buddy.

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