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  1. When you're chilling out after smoking, and you want to grab your drink, but it's been inconveniently placed by you, the stoner, way too far out of reach? I know I do. Observe and discuss.

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  2. been there done that :)
  3. Hahaha yea i fukin hate that. ILL put my cup on top of my tv amior and then go over to my desk blaze look around like where the fuk is my cup
  4. [ame=""]YouTube - Billy Mays Gopher[/ame]
  5. Billy Mays reads minds.
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    that arm is very artistic
    edit: billy mays wouldnt be selling it for no reason. hes a pothead for sure
  7. no... lol but it reminded me of a time when i smoked a blunt, went inside my friends house (he wasnt smoking) got a cup with ice in it, and asked him what time it was. i then proceded to look at my wrist like a had a watch on it (dont know why, i have never worn a watch), and spilled the ice all over the place.

    that my friend, is a stoner mistake
  8. i take it to where ever my stoned mind thinks of. and when i want to take a sip, it is at my last destination. so weird. then i have to go on a stoned adventure trying to find it. hate that. it's like trying to find your glasses, without contacts on.
  9. What I hate even more is going to get my drink, and realizing that I already drank it.
  10. Its worse when something is spilled or broken...seems to happen a lot with some of my friends.
  11. I honestly can't say that this has happened to me..for some reason I always make sure I have a drink nearby for when I am smoking so I don't have to get up.
  12. I have done something like this, but i got lucky.

    Sitting in a circle with a few mates, drinking my homemade iced coffee. My turn for the bong arose, guess I got a little excited/stoned. Put the drink down in my lap (thinking it was empty or I totally forgot I had it) Finished my rip off, looked down and I see my cup laying there, if i hadnt had that last sip it would have been all over my lap :eek:

    And to the OP, I do that when I'm sober dude.
  13. I happen to have alot more of these mistakes when im sober mostly because whenever im high i always make sure i have some drink next to me so i dont have to wonder 'round my house trying to look for something to drink.
  14. misplacing your drink is bad but misplacing your only lighter in between bowls is even worse
  15. Or dropping it on your floor while smoking and not being able to find it in the random clutter that embraces your floor.
  16. haha i lost a lighter that way about a month ago...still have not found it.
  17. ^^ :D it happens to me way to much ive probably spent 10 dollars on lighters in the past month and a half.
  18. thats a bummer dude. i dont usually have to worry, cause i usually smoke at my computer. and its usually right on the desk
  19. -___- why must such tragedies befall people like us...
  20. yes that sucks balls..i usually just sit there and stare at it hoping my jedi powers start kicking in but they never seem to.
    one time i was retarded high and i got mad at the cup and let out a war cry and threw a sock at it. and as you can imagine this resulted in me having to wipe liquid off the floor.

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