dont you hate when...

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  1. youre home alone....bout to blaze up and you know you dont have very much weed left so your like "alright...i cant smoke more than 1-2 bowls" and so you end up making those 1-2 bowls reallllly fat and by the time your sesh is over you look at your stash and its pretty much gone even though you JUST picked up the other day...
  2. ha im there right now bud it sucks im kinda dpresssed but w.e., time to finish my bag ....
  3. I hate it when this happens but there are about 5 or 6 other people feinding to get high, so you decide to be nice and let them hit the bowl. However once youre done nobody is even high.....
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    I am in that predictament now. It sucks fat dick. I have no money either so...fuck.
  5. lol what

    so your thinking you cant smoke more than 2 bowls but than you smoke 2 fat bowls?
  6. don't you hate it when your friend steps on your bong slide, so your forced to look at your bong with no way of smoking it

  7. lol yeah dude most definitly. gotta be nice less often man :/

    im in the same boat...broke til tuesday...AND i just scraped my resin the other day so...ill be completely dry.

    precisely. and those 2 fat bowls end up being like 4 normal bowls

    this happened to one of my friends one time we had just driven an hour to the nearest head shop to get him a new slide and when we got back we were drinking and he somehow dropped it and didnt see it when he stood up and all we heard was *crunch* ....RIP...

  8. This.
  9. Iiiiii hate the fact that since I always have nug, my friends think they can always smoke for free. I end up smoking people out everytime we smoke- it's never a mutal match thing, it's always bowl by bowl-- my bud

    Like last night, boyfriend's friend and others are over, and the friend randomly starts bitching about how he wants to get high.. and we smoke him out of course, but does he or will he ever have any to smoke with us? No. :rolleyes:
  10. Don't you hate it when you've been sober for 10 weeks, lost your connect, don't have any extra money to spend at the time and don't have friends who will smoke you out?

    I do.:mad:

  11. All you need to do is ask them if they have anything to pitch when they ask to smoke. Until it gets brought up, the issue's never going to be dealt with.

    @ the OP

    I don't smoke directly from my stash. When I smoke a session I'll usually toss what I want to smoke into my electric grinder. If I'm going out I pour the busted weed into my tin, otherwise I just flip my grinder upside down, pull off the top and bring it with me into the other room where I smoke.
  12. That's happening to me all the time

  13. that sucks man. when that happens i usually go on a mission to find people that smoke.

    go to your local shopping district :smoke:
  14. I just buy 1-2 ounces at a time, and whenever I'm down to a quarter or an eighth I re-up. Not only do I get better prices, but I never have to deal with the risk of being out of weed.

    I let me dealer of choice know a day or two in advance and just say "Come over one of these nights with a zone or 2" he comes over, we smoke some, maybe watch a game on TV or drink some beers, and I never run the risk of being out.

    It's a lot more economical and a lot more practical.
  15. Happened too much, so started to grow ;)
  16. Been there too much Loserkid the way i see it only got a bit of the good stuff left FUCK IT!!!!!! I WANA GET HIGH

  17. nice mentality lol i got 1 big ass bowl left. im sittin here sober with nothing to do but trying to save it til tonite....fuck it i wanna get highhh :)
  18. Go for it i gettin me 10 g of the good stuff totally ready to fire up my pipe hehe lol
  19. Want to know what I hate MORE than that? The fact that my weed jar does not replenish itself. :cry:
  20. What :eek:

    Mine does!

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