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  1. People you smoke around "act" high when you know there's no way they are high...Why do they do that? Same goes for drinking why do people act drunk?:smoking:
  2. I know exactly what you mean man. It's really more funny than annoying to me. It's sometimes hystericle watching first-timers trying so hard to fit in when they were never really out-of-the-loop in the first place.

    This dude took a little hit ouf of my bong once, and then like five minutes later he was going on about how his face was big and small at the same time.
  3. no shit! this gets to me .... but when ppl do that i usually force another bong or 2 on them and make them high as theyre acting ... its never as fun for them that way .... lol im not a dick i just hate liars and fakes.
  4. Peer pressure. They arent doing it for themselves, they are doing it for you.
  5. If you hate when people act drunk when they really aren't then set up a game of beerpong while they arent in the room and use non alcoholic beer. Then once they start drinking it they'll probablt start acting drunk, and then you can show them the empty cans that they just consumed.
  6. oh yes we all hate that . . .
    height of rudeness
  7. Haha good idea.
  8. Also, if you want someone to act higher than they are you should get some of the lowest quality buds you can and show up with it prerolled into a joint and tell them it's the highest quality dank you've ever had...and see how long it takes for them to start acting high, while you let everyone else in on the secret and later tell that person.
  9. thats dumb i dont understand that. wouldnt u want to not act high so u can smoke more? strange i wuld jus be like stop fuckin around or u ain hittin this cuz ur blowin my buzz. then play them the d12 song blow my buzz.
  10. I hate it when people say that they smoke when you know they don't. One of my friends told everyone that we smoked on 420 last year and that he was soo high and all this other stuff. For one, he doesn't smoke. For two if I brough anything like that in his house his dad would have killed me. And for three I wasn't even high on 420 last year. Found out from another friend that he told everybody this and I just told everybody the truth. he just looked like a douche in the end.
  11. My guy buddy room mates were going to throw a little party and wanted to get laid (definitely not by me though). I knew the only kind of girls they could get were dirs. They had half a bottle of vodka and a dime bag and four chicks were coming over with some of their other friends. Definitely not enough alcohol to get everyone smashed. I told the guys to dilute it severely. They also added catnip to the weed lol. I drank as much as anyone else, and felt sligtly buzzed, 3 out of the 4 chicks were acting completely smashed, like they didn't know up from down. My buddies got laid. haha. I know it's against my own gender and all but I think a shit ton of chicks overdo what they are really feeling for an excuse to act stupid and careless.
  12. i know wut u mean.
    theres this kid i know who says he deals, but whenever u call him he never has anything, and hes always pretending hes snorting coke, and tripping out all the time. its pretty sad and annoying.
  13. I just feel bad for people like that. The kid I was talking about I really don't talk to anymore. The last time I heard anything from him he had all these pics on myspace of him smoking hookah and shit. So stupid. A year ago he wouldn't even smoke a cig. Me, him, my best friends, and some other people were talking about my addiction to raves and coke, all of a sudden he starts saying he does drugs. I don't know who he is trying to impress. I'm a loser anyways. lol
  14. I can't stand the people who smoke quite a few bowls or a blunt and about an hour later claim to be sober as a priest... Either they are, or theyre effing lying. That would suck to have a tolerance that high; it would cost so much to be a daily smoker.
  15. I was like that. With mids anyways. I would get kinda high for about an hour because I was smoking and not realising I was high, so i would smoke more. I fucked my tolerance up. But I have quite so when I start back up, it will be all good. Just have to take it easy untill I can find some dank again.
  16. I smoked salvia with this dude once, like 20x or something, I ddidn't really feel anything, but I tried to be all goofy too not to ruin his time you know.
  17. This isn't really the same situation, but....

    There was this group of rich stuck-up kids in high school who me and my friends knew and hung out with every once in a while. They would always give us shit for smoking weed, making fun of us being high, etc. It was really lame and you could tell that they all thought they were better than us cause they were "drug-free". They always had good grades, involved in extra-curricular activities, etc.

    Fast forward a few years to college. Every single one of these kids is now a huge pothead, and one of them is pretty hardcore addicted to coke. In fact one of them called me about 2 months into my first semester asking if I needed any bud. Since then, all of them have dropped out of college, while I've only got one year left until I graduate. I saw one of these kids a few days ago and he told me he's moving back in with his parents.

    Can we say "irony"?

  18. haha, i actually smoked a blunt with my girlfriend and her brother and then we smoked another 2 bowls, and i didnt even get high. it was only like my 4th tinme smoking though :( but then yesterday i got high off of one small bowl, so i obviously did something wrong haha.

    but ya, me and my cousin and this other kid were smoking one day and the other kid didnt smoke anything, but then a half hour he was acting all like he was high, and he keeps telling people he was high and shit. i fucking hate that. i tell everyone that he didnt actually smoke anyhting and now they think he is a faggot yet he STILL tries to defend himself

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