dont you hate when that happens?!

Discussion in 'General' started by HighHaze, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. "hey, where ya been?!"
    "im fine, what about u?"

  2. hahahaha chats with the rants right after cheif'n man good times
  3. Oh jeez, working at a market I wait on people all day, and something like this has to happen many times a day. It's so goofy, but no one seems to notice. The worst is the time after I took a phone call. We all answer the phone "Frank's Market." So I get off the phone, turn around to the counter, and look at everyone and instead of saying "can I help someone?" I say, "Frank's Market!." Everyone just looked at me and I felt like such a dumbass.
  4. I also hate when people say "what?" after I ask them something and then they answer the question without me having to repeat myself. e.g:

    A: Hey do you want some pizza?
    B: What?!...yeah I do.

  5. wait what?

    oh i hate that too
  6. I hate it when you ask someone how they're doing and they go, "Oh, not too bad" and then they ask you and without even thinking you repeat exactly what they said, "Oh, not too bad"
  7. I also hate it when I'm walking down a hallway and there is someone walking exactly towards me and we both try to get out of each others way but we end up going the same direction. This situation creates an awkward dance of unnecessary politeness.
  8. lmao these are all too true!

  9. haha yeah thats always the worst. or when people decide to take up the whole aisle at a grocery store and go as slow as possible..
  10. when i was about a sophmore or junior in highschool, i decided i would no longer detour my path for anybody in my way, regardless of who it was. best decision i've ever made. I walk straight lines to exactly where i mean to go, and people can dance around me if they so please. and i'm 5'7... not like i'm a big crazy person
  11. i do that all the time
    i say "what "
    reason why i say that cause i didnt catch the whole sentence then couple second later, i understand what u just said,

    yes ik its annoyin but whatever
  12. haha same here, when i was in high school, i just took a freshmen kid and push him all the way down to the area i wanted to be... it works, the high school was overpopulated, it takes like 5 mins to get 20 ft,, yeah it sucks
  13. I'm getting sick of the whole "Hi, how are you? I'm fine, and you?"'s so robotic, and I know that I don't give a fuck how that person is doing, and vice versa. So when someone asks me how I'm doing, I just say, "good, thanks". No reason asking how they're doing if I don't give a rats ass.

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