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Dont you HATE when someone sits on the weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bdots1979, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. so some of my boys came down to visit me...been a while since i seen em so u no we went out n drank for a lil n shit n come back...we go get 1/4 from this kid whos always trippin on acid or somethin n he comes out to the car, n my boys drivin who hes never seen before but goes right up to his window n was talkin to my boy like he knew him like what up bro how u been sorry i gave u some wack shit last time n looks at me n was like "ask him he knows i got fire now" check it out i got mango purps blah blah blah shut the fuuuuccckk we were laughin the whole way back after that, so get back to the crib told my boy to give me the bud, and where does he have it? in his BACK pocket and hes like a solid 250 at least..
    so i didnt really look at it when we picked it up i felt it tho n that was some fluffy shit and nowwww its a fuckin pancake....what a dick...who puts it in their back pocket?

    o yea this happened last nite n i just looked at it now when i woke up...fuck

    whatever flat weed is better then no weed.....
  2. how did it smoke?:smoke: i expect it to be the same..
  3. naa smokes fine, plus i jus woke up n blew a l..feelin extra great right now, but lookin at this flat bud im tryin to fluff it out haha
  4. lol...yea fluffy weed looks extra delicious cuz of appearance..but fucks it, if that flat weed gets u blasted then itz aaaaall good mah dudez. ;)
  5. why not just grind it up?
  6. yea wee good...shiiit bout to twist up another one...haha daamn i feel bad for my roomate he at work rite now n we puffin all this already n he bought all the dutches haha daaamn kinda fucked up...but gotta show my boys how new yorkers get down in miami u no

    n like that the quater is down to 2.14g

  7. honestly i aint a big fan of grinders, or at least the 3 that i got, sometimes if if i got some dense ass weed then i might use em..but i dunno i like breakin that shit up otherwise its fallen out the blunt like its oregano or some shit...n i no ppl say u loose so much thc on ya fingas, whateva i been doin in like that since i was 13..n im 22
  8. haha i did that once when i was a noob. put a dime in my wallet. idk why.
  9. Not true, when weed is flattened or roughly handeled it loses alot of resin glands.
  10. Not true, when weed is flattened or roughly handeled it loses alot of resin glands.[/quote]

    Dude your arguing a point that was never made...
  11. so... now you have "bricked" danks. :p
  12. dude calm down its just weed...
  13. hmm, sitting on the weed is usually not a big problem round here, i can see how it would kinda be a drag though, lol, green pancakes anyone? :smoke:
  14. true that
  15. me and my friend were buzzed at this dude's house when his parents were home--we'd smoked like two small bowls each. he was getting mad paranoid for some reason, just geeking out and spreading bad vibes, and he had a little less than a g that he kept putting in his ass. he'd be all "fuck i hear someone coming" and put it in there, NOT double-bagged by the way, and then when i'd be like "fuck dude, you're fine, please take it out" he'd be like "yeah you're right", take it out for maybe five minutes, and then go "shit someone's coming" again and the process would repeat.

  16. Yea I just read over the post, my bad, I was really drunk when I posted, I dont think I read the initial post correctley.
  17. what if a dealer came up to you and said yo i got these bomb ass brick danks haha
  18. thought you meant like your dealer was "sitting" on some green and he wouldnt sell u when i first saw this thread. That sucks your green actually got sat on haha
  19. cant sat i've had that happen....nice avatar SAMSON!! lol
  20. my dealer use a gram baggy for a 3 gram pickups so its kinda squished but i dont notice a diference in highs without green pancakes

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