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Don't you hate this...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Stoney9, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. When you smoke with your friends, then later or some other time they smoke without even letting you know you could have hit it.

    I think that's the most grimey shit someone can do. (in relation to what we're speaking about of course)

    Here's an example,

    I come through to the smoke spot one day with a quarter of middies and a box of sweets. Put it in the air with everyone there...


    but when they are about to smoke what ever I'm no where to be seen.

    I'm not jealous but it sounds like it. I'm just trying to see if people feel the same as me about this kind of thing.
  2. Well, friends usually return the favor, so sounds like you smoking out the wrong people..
  3. They do smoke me up, but occasionally. I smoke with my people constant. Since I've realized what I've posted about, I've been solo smoking. Much more efficient :)
  4. They might have reasons that they are not inviting you to smoke with them, maybe you smell bad? Maybe you are not good looking? Maybe you rub them the wrong way when you're high? There could be countless reasons. See it from a different perspective, but choose your own path.

    With this being said, I personally don't like it. But what are you gonna do, throw a fit? Not very productive. Be mad at them? Counterproductive.

    Approach this with a calm mind and body and ask them why they are not inviting you.

    Good luck :smoke:


    but really, it's because I'm ugly.

    lolol for real now, Thanks for the advice !
    But I feel these things are easily misconceived through the computer.

    ahhhh it doesn't matter though. lol solo toke forever!!!! :smoke:
  6. Don't be that dude who people chill with because they don't have weed.
  7. Dont assume its because your ugly bro, I bought every weekend twice for 2 months for my two "friends" and they didnt put any money in a single time but I still being the nice person I am shared. Now me and him dont hang out as much but he has weed constantly every day (schwag) and he doesnt invite me over at all. He is a greedy guy maybe your friends are greedy and dont want to share.

  8. Don't assume it's not because he is ugly either :hello:
  9. [quote name='"Forked Up"']

    Don't assume it's not because he is ugly either :hello:[/quote]

    He said he's ugly

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