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Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I have a friend who has never smoked before and for his first time i went halves on a dub with him, and me him and another kid were hangin out on friday. Me and the kid who went halves smoked the dub an the other kid i was suppose to get four lokos for him but i couldnt and i kinda felt like a dick cus i told him i could but, the kid who smoked for his first time was SO annoying high but i expected cus it was his first time and all but he faked SO much it was rediculous. The next day me and a bunch of people were chillen and the kid who smoked for the first time yesterday came an got smoked up and he bought a hookah from me, a bowl, and a bamboo bong from another kid. Then on monday in school ALL the kid was talkin about was how much he wanted to smoke weed. He drinks to and he started sayin how drinkings so pussy? and shit. Then at lunch EVERY word out of his mouth was "ahh i love weed" or "hey wana smoke on saturday i love smoking" and everybody was like shut your mouth youve been smokin for like 2 days calm down(nobody said ot but we all looked at each other and just knew we were all thinkin the same thing) but the kid NEVER shut up about how he loves smokin and thinks drikin is pussy. As we were leaving lunch his exact words were "hey im going to look so cool smokin my bamboo bong and i just was like "yep" (rolled eyes) haha.

    Sorry for the long read for those who read but i fucking hate people that smoke to be cool and brag about smoking like a douche bag fucking asshole.

    I am over 18 just wana let everyone know so theres no confusin and i get banned

    if i missed any errors suck my balls.
  2. That's all I got out of it.
  3. Wtf thats the whole thing? Haha
  4. Is that mandatory because... you missed some :bolt:
  5. You know, I've never had to include this disclaimer in any post I've ever made, why do you think that is?

    As for this second thread, you know you could have just edited your original post in your original thread, right?
  6. mangoes =/= placebo effect

  7. My wife and I have each tried it twice now with absolutely no benefits to our high. I've talked with numerous other people who have tried it as well who had the same results. It's a nice theory, but this myth is busted as far as I'm concerned.

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