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Dont you hate kids who...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Thurmond_420, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Think their bud is the best shit around even if its some mexican shwag?
    Today I got ahold of some of the dankest green Ive ever seen and this stuff was covered in orange hairs.
    Well I showed it to this kid I always used to smoke with when we first started out and him and his cousin were all like "Oh man thats some regs bro you got ripped off."

    I just laughed in his face because this bud is completely covered in hairs and he kept saying how its dirt cause the hairs are 'brown' and the bud isnt lime green. I said, "Bitch this shit is so hairy that you cant even see the color of the bud."

    Its funny cause every single person I showed this stuff to freaked out cause of how dank it looked.
    Any of you got any storys of ignorant stoners like this?
  2. Not to be a douche or anything, but who cares man just smoke your weed aha. But yea some kid always trys to tell me he can get better shit but he always has regs
  3. i remember when these little kids pitched on a sack and it was some fuckin bomb ass afgooey covered in crystal that reaaaaaked and i bring it in and theyre like WTF IS THIS?! so i said fuck you, you dont deserve this and mobbed out. stupid 14 year olds.
  4. Ive never had that happen, its usually the opposite. Like someone tells me they got some dank, they show it to me, i laugh inside because it is garbage, and smoke em out with what I have.
  5. Lol yeah that happens alot like some kid will try and sell me .2 of some dirt for 10 every day.
  6. That's when you spark up your weed, and let the results speak for themselves. It can be all relative. The person with the shwag might typically get weed that is less a quality than that.
  7. I hate people who do that shit because I do get the best shit in my area. I'll pull out my bag and show them my sticky gooey lime ass green nugs, and they'll say shit like "oh I get better shit than that all the time.." and proceed to pull out a bag of the shittiest brick that smells like shoe leather.

    If you don't get good weed, why not just say it instead of trying to play that shit off while looking like a douche bag?
  8. A lot of people suck...what can ya do?
  9. Yeah I try to stay away from these kinds of kids.
  10. fa'sho. always people that think there shit is better. and if it is.. kudos to them. but half the time is BS
  11. just smoke
  12. This is in Seasoned Tokers?

    I've never had that experience even when I was a kiddie.
  13. haha. sounds like kids comparing weed at the playground.
  14. Seasoned tokers don't give a shit about other people's weed
  15. I live in Maine and its our second biggest crop. I have a decent legit hook up of high mids, beasters,headies etc... I bring the shit around to the kids at school and they are like ohh dank and shit.. The old men around here are always thinking their crop is better than anyone elses so they have some nice mersh nugs and some shitty ass hash. But danm they can grow some dank once in awhile. But ive never really run into a kid like that weed is weed in maine and everyone just fires it up.
  16. I have some really nice salami.
  17. lol i blazed with a friend and at first he was like "i'll grab some weed for you and bring it tommorow, this isn't that good"

    10 mins later we're in the car cruising and he taps me i look over and he's got the silliest stoner grin and he says "okay i'm baked" like three times then we just both start laughing and he's like "creeper weed is the best"
  18. Next time I see you posting in a 'Pickup' thread Im gonna give you hell.
  19. Firstly, I am not a kid - my eldest son is now 28.
    But I live and grow in sunny Spain. Bud grown in the hot sun is WAYYYY better than anything grown indoors or struggling to make an existence in soggy climes. Spanish outdoor grown, under the fierce mediterranean summer is the BEST ever. And I intend to get quite a few pounds of this nectar in ´09.
  20. ^^^ Incorrect statement. Bud grown indoors can be every bit as good. I've done both with good results. You're entitled to your opinion but you there are no facts to back it up.

    Outdoor growing increases yield, not bud quality or potency.

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