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DOnt you HATE it when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PandaBud, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. i hated it when one of my bestfriends was smoking a bowl for his first time, in the middle of clearing the bowl he coughed and blew into the bowl blowing the weed out the bowl and all over the ground :(
  2. yeah man, i had a girl blow on the bong. she was drunk. bitch got the herb all wet, blew the slide out, and it broke on the ground.

    and i gave her greens


  3. I had this buddy in high school who just used to grab a towel, like to shower, and just stand and strip completely and kick the clothes all over the room...people just used to fall all over themselves lunging for the door. Men really hate being around other naked men... worked though, and i don't ever remember him asking anyone to leave exactly. The homegirl probably get a kick out of it though.

    sorry, I'm high :)

  4. So im taking it you dont like the guy. For future reference just say that I cant have customers hang out here and smoke, only friends.
  5. I laughed my ass off reading that little argument. lol..
    though i should share. i'm high. lol.

    Dont you hate it when you get a new piece, go to smoke, and drop it in the sink only to realize it's now in several pieces? lol.. it wasn't new, but in the middle of packing down my chillum it slipped outta my hands and into the bowl of the sink of my bathroom. R.I.P.. lol..

    Don't you hate it when one of your "friends" that you commonly smokes with lies and tells ya he didn't pick up a sack so he can't match on the 6 bowls we ended up smoking that night. lol
  6. I hate it when people linger, man.

    Tell him you got shit to do, or that you're going to go out and do something.
  7. just make some random shape out of tinfoil like maybe a hexagon and put it on your table and start chanting gibberish and praying to it

    but riverside eh? thats close to me
    havent been able to find a connect for the bomb in a while
    i wish i could find one;);)
  8. bomb and bomb bomb =O
  9. I hate when you are chillin downtown and decide to smoke out a homeless dude, only to have him take the j and jump out of a window and run off.

    True story.
  10. tell him to stop lingering.. next time you talk to a dude make sure its just him...

    and just to let you kno the smartest way to hit licks is walking
  11. once you start growing, time for the boys find somewhere else to kick it bro
  12. I've felt like this many times, but some people have told me that I leave often "too early" because I don't wanna overstay my welcome. Perhaps it's because I get high and thus paranoid that everyone is thinking "Wow, what's this joker doin... just sitting here forever..."
  13. I would tell him thatyou and your girl are about to knock boots ;) and hes got to get...

    he'll understand
  14. This thread is old as fuck

    for the record, this used to happen to me all the time. Don't be too nice, or else they will think it's ok to come over whenever and eat all your food

    Then you'll fucking flip because you'll realize how disrespectful your friends are....
  15. go into the room and put your laptop with this page open next to him, screen facing him. and just leave the room.
  16. Funny thread man. Just an observation, I'm not Hatin. When people type ha ha at the end of their sentence it kind of reminds me of one of those forced laugh tracks on a crappy sitcom. No need to insert a haha, it's either funny or it's not.
  17. listen labowski.. we all know your the DUUDE! but can you stop riding up everyone's asss...

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