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DOnt you HATE it when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PandaBud, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. wtf Dude, why you gotta hate?

  2. aciiddd.. yehhhh imma fryyy tomorrro =)
  3. id just straight up be like yo i got something coming up, ima need everyone who isnt in on it to leave. if he asks what its about, tell him he isnt in on it and to gtfo.
  4. when you are breaking up weed in front of you and you laugh for some reason and end up blowing your weed all over your lap or on the floor..

  5. Define hate (verb)
  6. +Rep, loved that movie.
  7. Allowing people you don't know to come in your house and smoke weed is a bad decision on multiple levels.
  8. thats why i would never do that... idiot. =P

    if i didnt kno him he would never have made it up the elevator to my apt.
  9. Walk into the living room and start jerkin' it.
    He'll leave.

  10. I lol'd
  11. Hah, that's gonna go over real well with his girl, since the guy was crowding her with his lingering :p

    Fuckin' lingerer man
  12. hey man, why are you thinking you're better than everyone else because of the way you type your posts. open your mind up a little bit and read what people have to say. just because people don't take time to perfect their grammar on a weed forum doesn't mean their not intelligent.
  13. they're*

  14. I try to read what everyone has to say.
    It turns out some posts are more difficult to read because the poster was too lazy to write normally.

    Theres also a difference between being to lazy to correct mistakes, and purposefully writing incorrectly to make yourself sound "bad". Most of the sentences in these posts I have to read 3 times over to understand...

  15. lol is stupider even a word?

  16. Yes. :confused:
  17. why do people argue over trivial shit? if i could, id neg rep-bomb all of you and spray fart in your dinner tonight.

  18. Whoa, dude...that is harsh.
  19. eh, staying sober and seeing grown people arguing like little kids annoys the SHIT out of me.
  20. Hahahaha, this thread is a subtle social comedy.

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