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DOnt you HATE it when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PandaBud, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. ahh you gotta be carefull with those clingers man one day this kid comes to my homies place and gets all settled in and right as wer bout to get rid of him he says hel buy shrooms for everyone so of coarse he gets to stay. now granted i dont do drugs i just smoke weed so i left to go safely smoke some weed with sum other people and the next day i hear about this kid buying everyone srooms and then comming outa the closet midtripp and trying to get with every guy he could see. threw everybody into a bad trip:mad:

  2. ROFLLL my cousin had a homie who we would ALWAYS find sleeping on a couch in the basement
  3. Yeah, that sucks. People that can't take care of themselves make it hard to be friends sometimes. I had a roommate like this. It definatly put a stress on our friendship. She's 32 years old, when I moved out to my own house she went right back to her parents. Sad. On the plus side since I'm not having to Mother her anymore (I'm a guy, just an expression) we are friends again.
  4. Just say that your going to be splitting so everyone gots to go.
  5. haha Half Baked pls

    "sincerely, they guy on the couch" :smoking:
  6. There's this kid I usually hang with, that will usually toss a dub and smoke it, or bring some beers. He does that couch hopping thing where he'll crash at a house for a few days...the funniest time I've seen this happen was when we got done partying at like 3 am and he comes in fucked up from some other party and just crashes on the couch. He avoided going home, and came to my apartment.

  7. yep that it.
  8. Yo thats mad fuckin funny..LMAO
  9. Your fucking house dude. Give'em the boot. Be like, "Where the fuck did you guys come from - craigslist? Get the fuck out. Peace." and show them where the door is.
  10. " ***** i got some pussy commin over, now get your raggity ass oiut of here and longer somewhere else fool"


  11. Grammar. Do you speak it?
  12. This is an uncharacteristically urban thread.

  13. You can do it too. Just say things like "coo" and "fo sho" dont add the G to the end of infinitive verbs.


    Seriously whats the point in making yourself sound stupider?
  14. Tell him your girl is coming over and he's gotta bounce most dudes respect that.
  15. Yea man. Just tell him to bounce, he should respect your place of business.

  16. LOL

    So, the dude's stoned out of his brain, right? Text one of your friends to call you in about 10 minutes. Then start out, "man, I don't usually talk to people about this, but I think the pigs are following me and shit. I just bought this pound and a few sheets of acid, and I was noticing some strange people hanging around outside. Luckily I've got this friend that a computer guy at the police department and he monitors their dispatch systems and he said he'd let me know if they move on me."

    Time it just right so you really build it up so when the phone rings, you yell "SHIT, THAT'S HIM, THEY'RE COMING!" and run in the bathroom and start flushing the toilet over and over.

    When you come back out he'll be gone.
  17. Call the cops on yourself. When the dude hears the sirens he will run away! lul I'm high.

  18. thats fucking classic lol.

    if your girl was there just tell him your gonna fuck....easy as that
  19. Seasoned Tokers just tell unwanted guests that it's time to go.
  20. ya dude just be like i got shit to do so you gotta go

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