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DOnt you HATE it when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PandaBud, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. okay so this foo i know came to pick up from me like 2 hours ago... right now hes sittin on my couch, smokin half his sack he picked up, crowding my homegirl in the corner... basically.. LINGURRRINGGGG

    hahaha yehhh but sometime si feels like the place gets burned. cuz the homies brings homies to bring therir friends hwho have friends. and all these randoms end up chillin in your crib, and randomlyt come up on ur prized grinders or zips layin around. but... ionno.. maybe my place is gettin burned...

    but dude... hes lingering... and im to nice to kick him out.. what to do?? :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

    fuckking faded.
  2. just say your expecting some company and that you need privacy with them, or you can say that you're about to go somewhere
  3. Sounds like some pineapple express shit.
  4. well if you do just have zips laying around the house offer to smoke a bit with him and then he should be like "damn this guy is cool as fuck. i wouldnt steal anything or even disrespect him after he smoked me up". bt just keep a close eye on him if you dont know him well. i hate when random people come into my house. mainly because i live in a very nice house where there are alot of things to break.
  5. just say "I got some people coming to do the same thing as you. I need my privacy"
  6. Be like yo get the fuck out. I got shit to do.
  7. just be like.. unless your copping another bag and sending it around the room, you gotta be out. make way for the customers.
  8. Just tell him, "I got shit to do today other than sit here at babysit your stoned ass, GTFO"

    Edit:Unless he's smoking you out, I'll chill at my guys house but only if I'm feeling nice and I smoke him out out of my sack, then I'll stick around but when we're done smoking I'm nice enough to get out of his house.

    I'm fucking sitting there and I have no one to smoke this nice grape joint I have and I'm like "Fuck it, I'll call ****" and he comes over, we hang out for like an hour, right?

    "Hey man, can I stay untill like...6:00? I can't got back to my girlfriend because she'll flip out cause my eyes.."

    "Take this visine man, you'll be okay"


    20 minutes later I'm bored out of my mind with this dude...

    So I ended up kicking the fucker out of my house.
  10. shoot the linger-er in the head. problem solved.
  11. Could be worse. Some people try to stay for days.
  12. then throw his lifeless body out of your door and let the other people deal with his lingering. :p

  13. haha. finally, somebody who has the right idea.
  14. bad for businesss to throw corpses off my balcony =/

    they need to keep exchanging their monies for buds =)

    hahaha its coo tho he left shortly after i posted thaa... AHHAHAH teh cops came today to evict my roomy and i almost SHIT myself cuz i thought i was gettn busted... omg.. the bongs were on the table n shit i pretened i didnt live here

  15. haha, this thread is full of funnies.
  16. Open your phone and talk for a bit, then be like


    Always works, especially in a room with lingering pot smoke :rolleyes:

  17. my mommy dosnt live in my apartment with me =(

    damn.. i miss her cooking.......... :smoking::smoking:
  18. tell him you got someone comin over to get more bud and they like they're privacy when deals go down....or just say "dude get the fuck out"
  19. Or months or Years.

    There is this one dude in my town who came down from Boston a couple years ago to visit a friend, He crashed at his house until dude moved to Colorado about a year ago, he is currently still couch hopping in my town. He is a cool bro but god damn, get a job if your gonna make it your permanent home.
  20. oh i can be imaginative when i kick a mofukka out. i didnt need help kickin him out.... i just dont like how he came and plopped alll cozily onto my couch =/ ahahha

    :wave: buh bye :wave:socially awkward weekend smoker


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