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Dont you hate it when

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KilltheKlown, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. You and your homeboys look for bud ALL day long, and then end up going home sad. That happened to me 2day.

    what a waste.
  2. Yea man I fucking hate spending long periods of time searching for MJ. sucks ass, but sometimes it's half the fun....but only once you actually get some!
  3. It's twice as bad when you're looking for mushies, at least around here. I've had many a weekends where I've had my heart set on getting boomers and never had it happen.
  4. i fuckign hate that worst feeling ever. get up thiknign ur gonna go get a 1/4th of kb with ur friends n smoke out then go home n sleep happy dreams.

    but then

    ur dealer gets his car taken away for doing stoned donuts in a junoir high parking lot. n hes to far away to walk.

  5. grow 'em, look into it. Trust me, its really easy

    and yes, I do hate that, I hate that a lot, luckly our town just got out of a dry spell, and I'm back to having a choice between nugs and schwag :D haha damn thats makes me happy

    lol, sorry, you'll get some very soon, trust me!!! :D
  6. That's happened to me before, it took us 12 hours before we got any weed.
  7. Fuck, no shit man! tonight is a sad sad night for Benji boy! I got together 40 bucks, and at midnight i decided to take a stroll to my dealer/best friend's house and get some pot. So i walk my fat ass down a mile long hill in the rain to find that not only is my dealer/best friend not there (and his little brother has no idea where he is for the first time ever) but the party central for my smoking group is completely dark/empty/sleeping. then, since i cant stay at either house (Cause both places are dead in the water) i had to walk back up the mile long hill to my house and by now its turned from rain to snow and i am tired as a mother fucker after this long ass dry (in terms of being fucked up) ass day, with nothing to look forward to but sleep.
  8. Yeah I know the feeling...ive been so desperate b4 that ive smoked stems and like scraped the shit out of my bowls...but usually i can always get what i want ;) ..... the benefits of being a girl
  9. As long as I start looking during the day before everyone goes out to party I can usually pick something up. However since I don't smoke but when I feel very safe from tests I'm never sure who has what anymore.
  10. i've been taken on a wild goose chase by a hook-up before we went pretty much all round the county looking lol,

    ps sitting in the back of a van going fast inst as much fun as it looks, well its cool but when u dont get nothing it seems a wast lol
  11. haha....reminisin the good the summer, we would walk round askin for bud, are dealer always had some bogus excuse....finally we found a couple dealers that stil hook up to this day, fat

  12. ah the power of the car. Makes life so much easier, as i have just recently found out.
  13. omfg lucky bitches! (lol jp) i dont even have a car and wont have one for a while and I STILL HAVE NO BUD... :/ .....
  14. i read these posts about not being able to get some reef

    thats sad, makes me feel lucky to live in a town in canada that is sooo plentiful and thers a dealer on every street
  15. heh.. y ai remember the days of walking around the city looking for weed then be disappointed at the end of the day but it's sick when you find some. i have a regular supply now so there are no worries anymore

  16. that sounds like a plan....
  17. yeah ive been looking for weed all day. i hate this
  18. lOl i remember when i wrote this... lmfao... that was a while ago... now you cant catch me without an ounce of reefer on me
  19. I haven't smoked at all today first time in a while, thank god that I am gettin some cash to pick up atleast an 1/8 of haze. Not having weed sucks, well I will just have to wait a few hours. Happy toking to all !!!

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