Dont You Hate It When...

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  1. Don't you fucking hate it when you're trying to jerk it and you stumble upon something you find relatively disturbing, then have to try to push it outta your head as you keep going?
    Oh, and if you're a dude and you're telling me you can just stop because you see something that bothers you, you are a FUCKING LIAR. 
    Thread inspired by me getting stoned and reminiscing about an episode of Louie called Christians Against Masturbation where at one point Louie is beating it at his computer and this horrible news story about decapitations and murder comes on in the background lol.

  2. Personally I can power through pretty much any legal porn ;)
    End results the same

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  3. Just turns me on more I push it into my head 
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    Lmao dat attachment, also isn't scat legal? 
    ... :(
  5. haha yes, that has happened to me a couple of times. 
    I just concentrate on something else and all of a sudden it's gone :p
    Lol yeah, sometimes I worry myself with how fast I manage to ignore it xD
  7. nothing can stop me when i've got my little guy going. One time, this little old lady tried to interrupt my sesh so she could use the ATM and i nearly knocked that bitch out
  8.  LOL. It might just be the weed talking, but... are you saying you were fucking the ATM machine? o_O
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