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Dont you hate it when....

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DopeGame, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. you have to take an involuntary t break due to having no money...  fuck i hate that i like smoking weed  and i hate being sober fucking chirst almighty do i ever. fuck it this month im buying 300 dollars worth which is around 1/2 pound where im from dont bother asking the answer is : Top Secret

  2. No, I don't hate it. When you smoke again soon you will actually get high. Plus, it's just weed. I can still smoke my cigarettes and drink, so..
  3. Damn you people act like weed is crack, thanks for giving weed smokers a bad name!
  4. You'd be a lot better of spending your cig and booze money on weed
  5. Ive seen you post that shit sentence every ware else but your own posts do me a favor k? do not lable me i never said i cant stop thinking about it, i said i hate when i run out of weed because i have severe anzity and it really helps, you do not know me nor the all the reasons i smoke.
  6. Maybe you should stop smoking and take a grammar and spelling class.
  7. I agree with your point about people treating it like crack.
    But when someone comments on the spelling and grammar of the opponent, then they have truely lost the battle.
  8. I'm on that involunary t-break as well, and not because of money, because i can't find a reliable dealer. And yeah i hate it, i just spent the last 2 weeks moving my house and all i need after a day of moving furniture and shit is a fat bowl.
    To top it off, i found some RaW cones and some chocolate papers in a new store that are burning a hole in my pocket. 
    I really hate to bitch about it too.
  9. Really, grammar nazies on a marajuana site? eather there not high or there fake ass wannabe's when your high grammar donst matter shit ask any REAL stoner not these fake ass stoners crispy21 im speaking to you, you act like a child r u sure its not crispy12 cus your acting like a 12 year old spoiled brat using momms iphone on grasscity if you dont like my grammar please go somware else
  10. I don't know...OP doesn't make it seem that extreme nor does OP really give a bad name for smokers. I like smoking but can accept the fact that there are times to smoke and times not to smoke. Job, money, law etc. but in a way I share some views of the OP. I like getting high and if I could afford it I would smoke nightly. Now doesn't mean I can't take a break but in a way....I dislike not being able to smoke on occasion. Hate is a little of a strong word for it lol but ya know...  :p Anyway as long as if you aren't sucking dick or selling your shit for weed you should be okay  :cool:

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