Dont you hate it when.....

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  1. You're dogsitting somebody's dog and you're eatin some crackers and cheese and he's sitting there staring at you like "c'mon bro, pops gives me crackers on the reg!" but you don't wanna give him none cause you don't know if he's lyin to you?
  2. Yea throw some outside
  3. Too much Wilfred, huh?
  4. give the bitch a cracker, brah
  5. [quote name='"hellobob09"']Too much Wilfred, huh?[/quote]

    Wilfred would systematically ruin your life, just for that fucking cracker

    But yes op, I do not enjoy when pets I'm unsure of the diets of give me that look that you just can't deny
  6. People Food!!
  7. know the feeling, stare at ya like ya owe um money....give um something, let them think ur special hehe
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    Yeah, he's definitely not my first choice of canine companion.

    Give me Scooby Doo or Brian Griffin any day though. :smoke:
  9. Crackers and cheese is a gateway snack.

    Next he'll be all up in your business, "yo, how about some of that salami?" And "c'mon bro, give a brother some of that hot dog." "Tell that bitch to make me some blueberry pancakes."

    Before you know it, he's into your stash and the two of you are sitting in a sticky booth at McDonalds covered in grease and your own self-pity.

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