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Dont you hate it when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. top 3 things I CANT STAND that people do when I'm smoking with them
    1. Come to a session tryna change the music...matter of fact this shit happened like two nights ago when me and some friends were hotboxn MY car listenin to Cudi, Wiz, and some ol school 90s westcoast rap (like dr. dre, snoop, Eazy, etc.) ya know some pretty decent music to vibe to when high and this dude goes "yo have you heard that *some no name artist* song" *procedes to play song on his phone*... looked at em like -_- and said turn that shit off or get out..i listen to pretty much everything but changing my shit at my session is like a smoking sin
    2. Askin for water or somn to drink i understand cuz of the cottonmouth and all but damn dont be in my house high AF havin a serious case of the munchies when ya know what you was comin over to do! lol
    3. Askin to smoke more when they didnt put in...This has to be the worst one, cuz everyone has that friend thats always broke but stays high, unfortunately this dude is like a close friend (been cool since like 6th grade and we're both abouta be seniors in college) so of course ill extend the invite to toke up with me but when you dont EVER pay dont EVER ask when i'm rollin more J's...and would ya believe it or not but hes the reason for #2. lmao..

    Any ways what some stories yall have?
  2. Are you like really black?

  3. Probably the blackest on GK, i'm sensing.
  4. I don't mind people eating food and drinking stuff, because if I invited them over, I'm willing to sacrifice food. Doesn't mean they can eat all my food, but I think it would be rude to deny them food. As for people who change music or ask for more weed, I hate that so much lol. Unless they're generous and smoke me out or aren't stingy douches with their weed, I don't mind it that much, but if one of my friends asked, I'd be mad.
  5. i think he really is but no need to ask that ::smoke::
  6. Change the people you smoke with if you hate it so much.
  7. I hate when people Fap in the back seat of my car after I let them smoke with me.
  8. Rofl, it's hilarious how black that post sounds.

    I mean that in the least offensive way.
  9. Don't you hate it when you burn your hair from lighting the bowl. I'm a dude, and my hair is curly but kinda long. But you burn the bowl and it will just sizzle the fringes of your hair. Then it smells like death for a little bit :(

  10. OMG! I hate that. It's happened like 3 days in a row once.
  11. I generally hate lists.:cool:
  12. lol WOWWW
  13. #13 4grls2bongs0wry, Mar 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 25, 2012
    lol woww, yall ppl on here..yea guess all i way was missin was a couple N words in there or somn right..just answer the thread or keep it movin my friend
  14. yup, cuz i write a pointless thread on site about weed, writing slang versions of words, and mention a few black music artist...what else am i missing? yes i must be REALLY i said im a smart dude surrounded by ALOT of ignorant ppl..yea online too. lol yall are ridiculous...STOP the race talk though its old,, bash ME all ya want behind ya laptop screen but just leave RACE out of it, plz and thank you
    -your neighborhood friendly watermelon lovin, fried chicken eatin, Afro havin, weed smokin MIXED guy lol :smoke:
  15. *****s... damn.
  16. I hate it when someone spills a bowl or drops a joint :mad:
  17. like i said, theyre friends...guess i shouldnt of said hate..would "dont like" or "pet peeves" make ya understand that I was merely talking about little things people do..but ill be sure to clarify next time JUST FOR, godsake its just a thread ppl..didnt know I was gettin graded on this..ehh guess i failed
  18. I knew some kid who would just mute what ever was playing then just start playing his song that we HAVE to listen too off his beats headphones -_-
  19. gosh darn that 30% or 40% of negro in me..ugh its soo aggrivating it
  20. He ain't even 1% black he just said "gosh darn".

    Practically the whitest phrase there is.

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