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Don't you hate it when girls wont smoke weed but they'll drink?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iSmokeNews, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Now you cant really give them different facts about weed and alcohol because they just wont listen and they have been brought up with the thought that weed is a terrible thing. Its pretty ridicules actually.
  2. Yes, people are a bunch of media based conformists, especially when they've been brought up by parents who are brainwashed similarly and instill these morals onto them in order to further justify it to themselves.

    How is this seasoned?
  3. No cause in my experience when their drunk they are more likely to fuck lol. But yea they dont listen when you try to reason with em.
  4. Not really man I let em do their own thing. Anyway you can't spike weed with rohypnol...
  5. I don't hate it, they have their substance of choice and I have mine.

    Basically you're mad because they express their free will in different ways than you do. I don't like drinking at all but I'm not gonna be like "GOD DAMNIT SMOKE WEED YOU ALCOHOLICS" .. That would be unreasonable ;)
  6. ^yeah exactly they're dumb but fun to pound :D
  7. Not each his own...

    now what I WOULD hate is if a girl was drinking and I was smoking but she was preaching about how weed is bad or something like THAT would be something to hate.
  8. #8 openlight, Nov 28, 2011
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    Yeah, in a way it sucks, but I'd prefer it that way tbh. Means less dopey people to call themselves "potheads" and turn into rastas and eat up everything in your house whenever they drop by.

    Plus it's just personal preference. Not everybody likes to smoke anything.
  9. Most of the girls I drink with or hang out with socially, will drink during the night and then when its over will smoke something I roll up. They just usually prefer the drunkness first, then appreciate the weed after
  10. Yes definitely
  11. i think the case most of the time is how long stays in your system. it sucks how long weed can stay in your system but alchohol is out in a day or two.
  12. #12 Northern_Stoner, Nov 28, 2011
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    In general it seems women aren't as likely to smoke compared to men, not a big deal
  13. Let everyone choose what they would like, but I'd hope for moderation in everything (even moderation).
    If you don't like the fact someone won't do something you'd like them to do then maybe it's a good idea to find another person who fits your persona a bit better than the previous.
  14. i don't mind when girls drink, but i think it's stupid when they're all anti-weed and yet get drunk a lot. for example, my girlfriend doesn't like smoking that much, but she drinks. the other day we were having a conversation, and she believes that alcohol isn't a drug. Its crazy how brain washed people are these days..
  15. What's with all the sexism? What about the guys that smoke and drink too? Do you have a problem with that, OP? Not that it even matters. Just because someone is doing something that you don't part take in or agree with, doesn't mean they should conform to what you think they should be doing. You have no right to judge.
  16. drunk girls are fun, whats to hate?

  17. OP didn't read the stickies or the forum rules - ergo it's now in Apprentice.
  18. not really... not to mention I don't remember the last time weed got a chick horny enough to fool around, so no. let them do their thing. In fact, its kind of noobish when dudes try pushing a girl to smoke and act all cool about it, not to mention being like "yeah yeah, I'll pay for it" and all that shit.

    ps- don't get me wrong, I've smoked up chicks before but using as it a ploy to get in their pants doesn't work, just makes you look like a tool
  19. Not everyone wants to take a risk of being arrested for an insignificant crime resulting in being ass raped in prison
  20. I've told these 2 girls at my work how alcohol is way worse than bud and 1 wants to smoke now, and the other is a dumb slut

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