don't ya just hate..

Discussion in 'General' started by Ars moriendi, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. when you think of a movie or show you wanna watch on dvd but you can't find the fucking disc?!

    I'm amped up to watch every episode of Wonderfalls right now...can't find the set!
  2. Yea, once I wanted to watch Futurama season 2, and I couldnt find the third disc, turns out I lost it.

  3. heh its all good I've dipped into music is almighty mode so I'll seek out it later

    I've railed 5 150mg mdma tablets and I'm about to do another and polish off the rest of this half o

    bout 6 more grams to this is like pre-420 so the real one doesn't leave me completely wiped
  4. Lol, your insane. Keep on blazin'.

  5. haha sounds like a fun night man, but damn to i hate when that happens.

    couldnt find my jimi hendrix dvd for about 4 months! and every few weeks, i look for futurama season two disc three (yea, wierd, same as eric...) i always forget i loaned it too a friend i dont see often.
  6. invest in a lite-on dvdr burner? I know they've dipped way under a bill and you can churn out copies for backup easy as hell

    lol fun day... just starting and I've rolled all night stoned senseless :D gonna shoot for pill 7 insufflated soon
  7. I lost my Halo 2 disc, and thats a pain, i only got X-box Live to play Halo 2.
  8. Is wonderfalls that Indian show? lol i live inaustralia we get that on at bout 4:00 in da morning haha
  9. i agree with rasta. losing games sucks more than movies. downloading movies and storing them on your HDD is the way to go..

    i also hate 13 year olds who troll marijuana message boards. thats the worst

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