Don't worry kids, it's for your own protection...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. It seems like.. literally... every day the governments grip gets tighter and tighter... And the youth is the perfect target.

  2. cut it out, and gorilla taped it too the underside of a tractor-trailer rig heading across the globe.... call LEO screaming about being kidnapped and sold as a slave...make some noise like you been caught and hang up within 20 seconds...sit back at the lake, toke a few bowls, some beer, wait...go home and when people are all freaking, ask wtf is going on...ya...I would have fun with it...but that's just me, and cball is a 'bad boy' at times...:eek:
  3. First thing that came to mind was to attach it to a stray dog or cat but yeah, random vehicle works pretty well. :D
  4. Best excuse for crapping your pants I've ever heard.

  5. Agreed. 5 seconds in a microwave and it's fried. Good luck having them try to pin that one on you, too.

    (Our school had those babies you had to carry around for a week - fries everything inside them too. Best behaved children in the entire school)
  6. Welcome to 1984
  7. I'd burn the uniform, leave the chip intact. Make it look like i spontaneously combusted, then show up at school the next day.
  8. Give them to the homeless and goodwill. They'll be like wtf how did this kid turn 50 years old?!
  9. A few things;

    A. this happened in Brazil, not America.

    B. These aren't GPS devices so there's no tracking kids. These things only work when you walk by the sensors, like the RFID tags you see in stores.

    C. Finally you're right, NO ONE should have this kind of crap in their life.
  10. [quote name='"H4Z3"']Welcome to 1984[/quote]

    Haha, I'm actually reading this ATM. The more I read it and the more I see all these fcuked up "laws" and what our governments doing: war, economy etc., I can almost believe that 1984 is possible. Scary thought.
  11. I know it's still crazy and fucked up but just FYI it's in Brazil.......

  12. For now it is. But if it improves the statistics by only as much as half, it will catch on and they'll be doing the same thing here soon enough.:mad:
  13. You should see what they do in China. These guys would flip shit.
  14. I just don't get this control mindset. We have to control kids, we have to keep them from skipping school, fuck what choices they personally make, they don't know shit.

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